Join Thirty-One for $1!

Join 31 for $1!

Thirty-One Gifts is a company that Celebrates, Encourages, and Rewards women. As a consultant, the opportunity is unlimited, and you can tailor it to your life and choose your own hours. During the month of February, 2018, you can join for just $1. For that you get full access to all the resources and training on the Thirty-One web site, plus you will get your own web page where customers can place orders, for just $14.95 a month.

As a consultant, you get 25% commission on your product sales. There are four ways to acquire products, either for your own use or to show at your parties:

1) Until you get your own products, if you are in my geographical area, I would be happy to bring mine to your parties and help you share them until you are comfortable doing it yourself. Through the miracle of the Internet, I would also be happy to help you with Facebook parties. (I am presently in Huachuca City, AZ, until March 30. Then I will be back home in Fort Collins, CO.)

2) Start Swell is the company's awesome program for getting your business off the ground in your first fourmonths. In each of four 30-day periods after you join, you will earn 25% of all product sales. Also, after you have sold $500 worth in any 30-day period, you will earn 25% of all product sales in credits that you can spend on anything in the catalog as well as business supplies such as catalogs. There is no limit--if you sell $4,000 worth, for example, you will earn $1,000 cash PLUS $1,000 in free products.

3) The Marketplace is Thirty-One's newest innovation. Any consultant can purchase any product (otherthan business supplies) for 40% off. No commission will be earned for these purchases, but you do accumulate PV toward your Start Swell and any other incentives. This is awesome for fundraisers--your favorite organization can simply sell any or all Thirty-One products at the retail price, and get 30% of their product sales for the organization. (The other 10% will cover shipping and tax costs.)

4) Your Launch Party! Invite all your friends and family to celebrate the beginning of your new business. I can help you with a home party if you’re nearby, or with a Facebook party. As hostess, you will earn the hostess rewards, as well as commission and PV toward your Start Swell. Hostess rewards begin at $25 credit, one half-price item, and one Hostess Exclusive at the minimum $200 party level. We always shoot for a $1200 party, in which you get $250 credit, three half-price items, three FREE Hostess Exclusives, and aHostess Special!

If you want to join for $99 and get the kit, which includes over $350 in products plus all the business supplies you'll need to get started, allthe above options also apply. If you join for $1, you can also purchase the kit later if you choose to do so. It IS the best deal in the catalog!

If this is something you’d like to try, please text me at 970-217-5429 right away. I would love to chat with you about it, and there is no pressure, EVER, to join or to do any more than what you choose to do. Even if you purchase the kit, you never have a sell a single thing. However, to stay active, you do have to submit at least $200 in product orders every three months.