Enrollment Kit Options in April 2018!

Deluxe Enrollment Kit

Unfortunately, the picture does NOT include all the products in this kit (they only give me so much room for a picture!) If you're interested, I will text or email you the entire picture, as well as a list of all the contents.

Thirty-One's enrollment options in April are through the roof! First time EVER in three ways.

First, we have THREE kits to choose from at three different price points--$50, $99, and $179.

Second, we have a DELUXE kit that includes two Studio 31 purses--two sizes of purse bodies, each with a flap and a strap, plus two more flaps!; an Around Town Tote, an All About the Benjamins wallet, and a Close to Home Tray, plus much more.

Third, you can EARN THE COST OF YOUR KIT BACK with a $1,000 party in your first 30 days. This is IN ADDITION TO the normal Start Swell reward of 25% of sales in each of the four 30-day periods following your enrollment in your choice of FREE PRODUCTS, and IN ADDITION TO 25% of sales in commission deposited into your bank account!

So let's say for funsies that you buy a Deluxe Kit and have a $1200 launch party in your first 30 days as a consultant. This is what you'll get:

$640 worth of products in the kit; business supplies; $300 in your choice of FREE products; $300 commission; Hostess rewards: $250 of FREE products, three FREE hostess exclusives, three half-price items, and one Hostess Special; and $179 rebate for your kit!

That's $479 cash, $1575 of FREE products (!), up to $260 worth of products for $130 (3 half-price items), and up to $182 worth of products for $54.60 (Hostess Special).

Your total cost (if you wanted the half-price items and the hostess special) would be $184.60 (plus shipping and tax) for a total of $2496 in cash and products. We are talking about a SERIOUSLY great deal here!

Contact me for more info. No pressure EVER! I'm here to help.