Sell Tupperware Products

Tupperware is one of the biggest direct sales companies in the industry, which is why when most people think of direct selling, Tupperware is one of the first companies that come to mind. Established in 1946 by Earl Tupper, Tupperware has provided a venue for housewives in the early 1950s to earn their own income and enjoy themselves in the company of other women through Tupperware parties. 65 years later, Tupperware has become the reason for millions of success stories all over the world. From corporate executives to entrepreneurs and housewives, thousands of people continue to join Tupperware in hopes of achieving financial independence while still having the time to enjoy themselves.

How to Become a Tupperware Consultant

Tupperware consultants all enjoy running a lucrative business that they can call their own while having access to professional support from the company. If you want to become part of this multi-million dollar company, you can join Tupperware and become an independent consultant in your area.

You can join Tupperware in three easy steps; you first need to find a consultant in your area to sign up, purchase a starter kit, and host or attend your first Tupperware party to sell your products and build a loyal network of customers. It is relatively easy to find a consultant in your area, as there are millions of consultants all over the world. However, if you don’t have a particular consultant in mind, you can always find a consultant near your area so you can join Tupperware and have all your questions answered.

If one-on-one selling is more to your liking than attending parties, you need not worry, as Tupperware is very flexible with their marketing options. While Tupperware is primarily a party-plan business, you can always sell your products online or present them to your customers individually. When you join Tupperware, you will be given freedom over your schedule and as well as the marketing strategies that you employ.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of becoming an independent consultant for Tupperware is the fact that the company has already established a name for itself worldwide. You can also join for a very minimal fee, which is already inclusive of your starter kit.

Tupperware Starter Kits

To join Tupperware, you will have to purchase the consultant starter kit to get you started. Tupperware offers two types of kits to Tupperware consultants: a business kit and an executive business kit.

The business kit is available for only $79.99 and comes with $355 worth of Tupperware products and the executive kit is available for $119.99 and contains $500 worth of products. Both kits come with a selection of Tupperware products from different collections plus business supplies including; a consultant manual, order forms, party hostess forms, and catalogs. It is worth noting, however, that the starter kit contents changes periodically to include seasonal products. Your starter kit is your ticket to success and by purchasing the kit of your choice, you are opening your doors to great opportunities and a large potential for profit. Ask your consultant for monthly specials on Tupperware starter kits so you can avail of existing discounts and promos.

When you join Tupperware as an independent consultant, you also get support and training through conferences and training seminars so you don’t have to worry about starting your business alone, as you will have your team and the entire company behind you when you launch your venture.

The Tupperware Compensation Plan

Whether you are just looking for a part-time opportunity or something of a larger scale, Tupperware offers flexible opportunities for interested consultants. When you sell Tupperware products, you can earn as much as 25% commission on your personal sales plus large bonuses when you reach a certain amount of sales for each month. If you manage to sell $1200 worth of Tupperware products in a month, you get 5% bonus on your total sales. Tupperware consultants who manage to reach $3200 in monthly personal sales volume are eligible for 10% bonus, giving them an opportunity to earn as much as 35% commissions on their monthly personal sales.

When you join Tupperware, you can also sponsor new consultants and build your own team. Just for sponsoring three new members and maintaining a personal volume of $500 per month and a group volume of at least $2000 per month, you can get promoted to Tupperware’s managerial positions and get a portion of your downline’s commissionable sales. As a Tupperware manager, you can earn monthly group royalties of 4% to 8%, depending on your team’s sales volume and the number of people you sponsor. When you manage to sponsor at least 9 independent consultants, you can become a director and receive royalties ranging from 6% to 12% of your team’s commissionable sales if your team volume reaches at least $10,000 a month. These numbers may seem a little intimidating for novice direct sellers but once you join Tupperware and learn the ins and outs of direct selling, you would soon realize that it is easy to reach high levels of sales, especially when representing a distinguished company like Tupperware. Top-performing teams and consultants are also given monthly awards plus a chance to drive their very own Tupperware corporate car. Just by selling Tupperware containers and other Tupperware products, you can start paving your path to a brighter future.

Tupperware has made successful entrepreneurs out of thousands of independent consultants and has helped millions earn their own income. Being part of such a big company with great historical significance is an honor that every Tupperware independent consultant carries wherever they go.