Tupperware Party

During Tupperware's startup stages, Tupperware home parties were introduced to serve as a venue for housewives to earn an income in a sociable environment without completely neglecting their responsibilities to their families. Tupperware parties served as an outlet for women in the 1950s to mingle with friends and meet new people during their free time. Tupperware is one of the pioneers of the party plan marketing strategy and through these parties, the company was able to make such a massive historical impact not only in the lives of women in the 1950s but also in the lives of present-day party hosts.

How to Host a Tupperware Party

Tupperware has amazing products and is, up to this day, considered one of the top brands of kitchen supplies and storage containers in the market. By hosting a Tupperware party, you get a chance to become part of something that has become somewhat of a tradition among many women and learn about Tupperware's great line of products. Tupperware home parties are widely popular for being fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Tupperware has come up with fun and innovative ways to improve their parties. If you want to host a Tupperware party right at your own home, you can easily do so by booking a date with any of the Tupperware consultants available in your area.

If you want a night of fun with your girlfriends, then you can choose to host a “Girls Night In” themed party. Invite your friends for a night of fun while showing them the many great products that the company has to offer. Enjoy delectable desserts served in great Tupperware containers while your party consultant walks you through the different products that Tupperware has to offer.

If you want a Tupperware party theme that both adults and children alike will enjoy, then Tupperware's “Hello Cupcake” theme may be a good option for you. Create fun and delicious cupcakes with Tupperware's exclusive bakeware supplies and show your guests just how great Tupperware products are in this department. You can also showcase Tupperware's microwave containers with the theme “Meals in Minutes”. Show your guests how to prepare delightful meals in just minutes and serve these dishes in Tupperware's dinnerware collection. There are other Tupperware party themes that you can employ, just ask your consultant about all the available options so you can choose which theme is best suitable for your Tupperware party.

Tupperware Hostess Rewards Program

Tupperware's rewards program offers some of the most attractive rewards for home parties in the industry. As a Tupperware party host, you will be presented with three reward options if your party makes the minimum required in sales; you can choose your rewards from Tupperware's exclusive catalog for hosts, choose the available monthly host gift special, or you can claim a portion of your party’s sales in host credits to purchase any Tupperware product of your choice.

Tupperware's host rewards catalog offers a variety of Tupperware party sets for hosts, which you can claim for free if your party makes $150 or more in sales. Tupperware's monthly host specials vary per month but you can avail of the products featured in this category if your party makes enough in sales.

If you prefer to earn host credits for hosting a Tupperware party, the following rewards awaits you:

  • For party sales of $250 to $499, you can earn 10% or $24-$45 in free Tupperware products plus one item for half the price off.
  • A Tupperware party that makes $450 to $999 in party sales can earn the host 15% or $68 to $150 in free products plus two items for half the price off.
  • Parties that make $1000 and more in party sales will earn the host 20% or $200 worth of host credits plus 3 items at 50% off.

Tupperware rewards their party hosts with nothing but the best in products and free Tupperware credits. Be rewarded with Tupperware containers, dinnerware, cutlery, and cookware just by hosting a Tupperware party for your friends and family. If you enjoy the company and its products, you can even join Tupperware by signing up to be part of your party consultant's team.

Tupperware Party Options

Aside from the traditional Tupperware home party setup, you can also choose to host an online Tupperware party and earn great host rewards. To host an online party, all you need to do is register as an eHost, invite guests, and submit their email addresses to your party consultant. A Tupperware online party remains active for two weeks. Your guests can visit the website anytime they want within the 14 days that your Tupperware party is active. If your party makes $200 and more in party sales, you can earn 10% in Tupperware host credits. The best thing is, you earn all these rewards for very minimal effort on your part.

Tupperware parties have certainly evolved over the years and have only gotten better with experience. If you enjoy Tupperware products, then you certainly have a lot to gain by hosting a Tupperware party.