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What is Steeped Tea?

One sip of the fine loose leaf offerings of Steeped Tea and you’ll be hooked! Unlike the tea dust and broken leaf fannings found in typical mass-produced tea bags, Steeped Tea products are high quality for a perfectly balanced cup of delightful tea. Their carefully-crafted single note teas and unique blends are made for seasoned tea lovers and curious tea beginners alike, ensuring that this direct sales company’s consultants don’t need to “push” for sales. Imagine relaxing in a laid-back home atmosphere, surrounded by friends, family and aromatic, delicious teas waiting to be sniffed and sipped between fun conversations. Now that’s refreshing! When you book a ParTEA as a host, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the classic tea party with a modern twist, with a chance to earn free and discounted products. You can even earn BIG gifts, like the Tea-Zer monthly sampler box, packed with two high-quality teas, hand-selected by the founder of Steeped Teas herself.