Sell Le-Vel Thrive

If you’re looking to pick up some extra income, what better way than telling people about a user-friendly, life-changing product that you use yourself? Le-VEL not only offers a premium product with health and wellness in mind, they’ve built a direct sales opportunity designed to bring you excellent profits in exchange for spreading the word about their supplement packages. The company offers free product after only two sign-ups, but that’s only the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Health, Wealth and….Cars?

Once you’ve signed up your first two happy clients and enjoyed the “best you that you can be” courtesy of your free monthly supplement packs, you’re well on your way to a bright future with Le-VEL. 20% commissions add up and up, and as you build your team of promoters, you’ll earn bonuses based on their sales and how quickly the progress - top-tier earners even get an $800 monthly bonus towards a luxury car!

A Lucrative Start

Once you decide to begin your direct sales career with Le-VEL, you’ll get great incentives right out of the gate. The GO VIP bonus rewards you for hard work in your first 14 days as a rep - up to $800 of additional income and $200 of product credit are yours for the taking once you hit your beginner’s goals. Love high-tech gadgets? You’re in luck - Hit 4,000 in qualification volume in your first month and you’ll be tallying up your profits on a free iPad mini, courtesy of another Le-VEL promo.

More Than Supplements

Le-VEL and their Thrive Premium Lifestyle Products are more than just traditional supplements, they represent an intrinsic addition to the user’s day to day lifestyle and health goals. Thanks to this setup - which provides a monthly customized supplement solution - promoters are less likely to “shed” customers. Additionally, the time span on the initial “try out” period (The 8 Week Thrive Experience) requires at least two months of commitment, which makes the customer even less likely to opt out down the road. Combine this built-in loyalty with unique innovative products like the DFT patch - Derma Fusion Technology that works via a patch adhered to the skin - and you have a product line that invites excited exploration, not refusals.

Le-VEL has risen to fame on their Thrive product experience, and promoters are finding a health-focused pool of potential customers that are ready to listen, learn and buy into the Thrive lifestyle. Position yourself as the person to get them there and you’ll enjoy everything from free product to the opportunity to earn free cars and iPads, all for talking about a product you already believe in.