KEEP Collective Products


Swinging lithely, staying always close to the heart, KEEP Collective Necklaces present a choice between an all-in-one design with a horizontal pendant or chain and vertical pendant pairings in gold, silver and rose gold. Horizontal ID Pendant Keepers are 16 inches long, the brushed metal ID pendant capable of displaying 3 to 4 keys significant to your life and loves.

The ID Tag Pendants are available in brushed or shiny gold, silver or rose gold, easily attached to either 16 or 30 inch chains, sold separately in all 3 metal hues. Each tag is ready to showcase 3 or 4 personalized keys to make the Keeper your own.

All necklaces fasten with a lobster clasp closure and include 2 inches of decorative chain extension for versatility.The finish on each piece is ionic plated and lead and nickel tested, high quality jewelry featuring both durability, safety and sublimely good looks.

Silicone Single Bands

Popping with trendy colors and frisky prints KEEP Collective has a real “keeper” with the Silicone Single Band. Comfortable and compatible with your concerns and compassionate causes, celebrate a life lived well and cherish your loves who warm your heart when you add the keys to your happiness along the silky soft band.

Sparkling ionic plated hardware in complementary tones sets off the bright and bold silicone band hues -- pick one, two or more of these affordable wrist canvases, ready and waiting for you to paint the picture of what you desire and hold dear. Memories, accomplishments and special people sparkle and shine, keys to your heart and a window into your life.

One size fits small through large wrists, with nickel and lead tested metal hardware embracing all. Expect eyes to follow your brightly clad wrist and conversations to follow, allowing you to share the things you keep close.

Single And Double Leather Bands

Single and Double, the Leather Bands from KEEP Collective are reversible, offering a pair of moods and a complementary contrast of color as you decorate with the Keys that matter. Pretty and pastel or bright and bold, some bands are fashion forward and others classic and refined.

Patterns and textures rub shoulders with cool, smooth expanses of neutrals and saturated colors, beautiful backgrounds for your Keys to Happiness. The single bands have plenty of room to keep your confidences and proclaim your passions, sweet and discreet or chic and offbeat.

When you invest in a double leather band your horizons expand exponentially, room for a neverending story of love, laughs and legacy wrapping infinitely. The keys that can populate the constellation of this bi-wrap glow and glimmer like the Milky Way, telling tales, tracing timelines and trading traditions. Round and round go the Keys to your Happiness, sharing, caring and looking marvelous.


Classy Keepers, Bangles bear 4 to 6 Keys across their brushed metal finish bar, a refined recitation of what matters most to you. Ionic plating in rose gold, silver or gold offering an elegant frame for your family, fame or fantasies, a durable and high quality bracelet that begs to stack with other bangles and bands to complete the story.

These beautiful bracelets have such style and are enchanting when enhanced with the Keys you choose, delicate or chunky, whimsical or deeply meaningful. Wipe the slate clean whenever you feel the urge and design a new fashion statement with your personality front and center with another selection of interchangeable Keys.

An inspired way to commemorate an event or accomplishment, design a bangle as a gift for bridesmaids, your beloved mom, the birthday girl or the graduate. Tested for lead and nickel to avoid irritation, collect one in every finish to multiply the love and sharing.

Mesh Bracelets

Tough but tender. KEEP Collective’s Mesh Bracelets are flexible and fresh, stainless steel durability intertwined with ionic plating in gold, silver and rose gold for a bit of glittery femininity combined with a brashness that makes people sit up and take notice. Let your Keys slide freely or use the included stoppers to keep a memory or date in line.

Perfect for our TimeKeys and ready to take on our affirmation Keys, these bracelets are some of the most versatile in the Collective. Casual to elegant depending on the Keys dancing on its interlocking links, this design reminds of how connected you are to people, places, times and things.

These Keepers will circle your wrist daily, pointing out what you adore and what you stand for. Mix and match with other Keepers, telling the whole story with beautiful, compassionate and heartfelt results, chapter by Keeper chapter.Tested for lead and nickel to wear worry free.


KEEP Collective has the Keys -- to your heart, to your dreams, to your passions, to your personality, to your promises and to your memories.The charm bracelet or necklace updated, let KEEP Collective’s clever, sweet, sassy and emotion filled Keys pave the way to tell the story of your life.

Talismans, affirmations, carefree reminders of fun times and serious commitments to people and causes are all here. Ionic plated gold, silver and rose gold initials and,numbers offer personalization and symbols and words offer universal truths.

TimeKeys watch faces in a variety of shapes and patterns and Wishing Stones that lead to harmony and balance vie with lockets and birthstones for center stage. Celebrate your love, your faith, nature and the birth of precious babies. Announce a marriage, honor a mother or display your favorite sport. Hundreds of Keys and counting help you personalize your Keepers with what you keep close to your heart.