Join It Works!

Upon discovering the Ultimate Body Applicator in 2001, Mark and Cindy Pentecost established It Works Global to distribute this revolutionary body-contouring product in a direct sales setup. From the very beginning, one of the primary goals of It Works Global was to provide a profitable business opportunity for people who wanted to earn a sufficient income every month while still having enough time to spend with their families. Having three kids of their own, Mark and Cindy Pentecost knew how difficult it is to juggle work and time with the family. Whether you are just looking for a part time opportunity or you are looking for a profitable venture that would allow you to earn enough to quit your day job, It Works Global has an attractive business opportunity in store for you.

How to Become an It Works Distributor

Prior to the founding of It Works Global, Mark and Cindy already had six years of experience working in the direct sales industry. Although their first company specialized in telecommunications, they still possessed the necessary skills to take It Works Global to the next level in just a short period of time. If you are looking for a well-established company specializing in a product line that is not only highly in demand but has also gained a good reputation for being safe and effective, then joining It Works as a distributor is certainly a great career move. From their weight loss and body contouring products to their anti-aging and supplements, It Works has always made sure that all their products are up to par with industry standards.

Aside from a great line of products, It Works Global’s business opportunity also offers a large potential for income. You can achieve your financial goals just by attending weekly wrap parties, selling your products online, or even through person-to-person.

To become a distributor for It Works Global, you can either get in touch with an existing distributor directly to sign up or visit the company website and key in your sponsor’s distributor ID. If you don’t know a distributor, you can also use the site’s search tool to look for a distributor near your area. Once you sign up with a distributor, you will automatically be part of her team.

It Works Distributor Packages

It Works usually offers two types of starter kits. However, starter kit choices are seasonal and prices and contents may vary depending on when you avail of them. The basic kit or business builder kit comes with all the essential items you need to launch your It Works business but if you want to receive more in sample products, you can also avail of the deluxe kit.

It Works Business Builder Kit

The It Works Business Builder Kit is available for $99. This basic kit comes with the following items:

  • 4 Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps for samples or for selling
  • 1 Success Home Magazine
  • 5 discount coupons for hosts
  • New Distributor Application forms
  • Customer order form
  • Brochures
  • Product catalogs
  • New consultant starter manual

Deluxe Starter Kit

This kit is available to new consultants for $199. It comes with all the business supplies included in the basic business builder kit. The only difference is, this kit comes with more product samples. Kit contents may vary depending on available promotions.

As a distributor for It Works Global, you will also receive a personal replicated website of the It Works website, ideal for selling your products online. You can also access your distributor back office online. Your back office is where you can place orders, keep track of order status, and chart your financial progress.

It Works Compensation Plan

Joining It Works Global can be a very profitable move for any distributor. The company compensates their distributors in four different ways: retail commissions, downline commissions, sponsorship bonuses, and personal bonuses

Commissions on Personal Retail Sales

As a distributor, your personal sales commission rates will depend on your monthly personal volume and as well as your leadership level. Distributors can earn personal sales commissions ranging from 25% to 50%.

Commissions from Downline Representatives

Since It Works Global employs a multi-level marketing compensation plan, you can earn from your downline representatives’ commissionable sales. This means that the more distributors you sponsor into your team, the higher your residual income. You can earn 2% to 15% on your first level downlines.

Sponsorship and Generational Bonuses

Under the fast start program, you can earn as much as $100 for every new distributor you personally sponsor. In addition, you can also earn up to 9% generational bonus each time one of your team members get promoted to a higher leadership rank.

Personal Bonuses

You can earn $600 in personal bonuses for gathering up to 60 loyal customers or generating at least $3000 in personal sales volume. You can also earn other incentives such as discounts and incentive trips, depending on your performance.

It Works Global offers one of the most attractive compensation plans in the industry. If you are looking for a realistic monthly income source, It Works is certainly a great choice. Whether you just want to work a few hours a week or work 40 full hours, you can easily gather up your personal sales commissions, downline commissions, and bonuses to add to your family’s monthly income.