Initials Inc. Products

Initials Inc offers a line of bags, food and home organizers, and accessories that can all be personalized with embroidered letters. Established by sisters Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall, Initials Inc features products that are designed for the needs of modern day women. Initials Inc products derive inspiration from classic and present-day trends to provide a line of stylish and functional products that can be used on a daily basis. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, a long day at work, a picnic at the park, a long road trip to another state, or a vacation abroad, Initials Inc provides everything you need for a smooth and stress-free ride with your entire family. Since everything can be customized with initials, names, or even messages, you don’t have to worry about easily losing your bags or organizing things neatly at home.

Initials Inc Bag & Purse Collections

From stylish women’s bags and travel bags to picnic bags and organizers, you’d be surprised at the wide selection of products that Initials Inc has to offer. Excited to explore the many wonderful products that this company has to offer? Below are some of the highlights of their collection:

Sassy 180

The Sassy 180 bag is Initials Inc’s flagship product. The bag features a very classic and structured design and comes in a wide selection of colors. From plain solid colors and plaid patterned designs to floral and paisley designs, you can certainly find a color and print that would best suit your taste and personality. You can personalize this bag with your initials, your name, or any statement message that you want. You can also add more style and personality to its design by adding a floral pin or sassy sash.

Women’s Bags

Aside from the Sassy 180, Initials Inc also features a wide selection of bag designs for women. The sling bag is perfect for a casual day out and is also suited for younger kids, as they are smaller in size. The flapper is also a popular option among many consumers who are looking for a small bag. Since it comes with a long strap, it can be used on the side or across the body for more convenience.

The Cinch takes inspiration from the popular hobo bag design and can be closed with drawstrings. It can be used as a handbag or as a shoulder bag depending on preference. Those who are looking for something more formal and chic would enjoy Initials Inc’s Modern Woman bag. It features a faux croc exterior and comes in various colors. It also features snap enclosures for easy access to bag contents and comes with an interior organizer. If you purchase the modern woman set, you also get a matching wallet and cosmetics purse to use along with the bag.

The shopper and resort tote designs are perfect for a day at the mall or at the beach and can fit a lot of things inside.

Food and Picnic Bags

Whether you are looking for the perfect lunch bag to bring to work or for you kids to take to school or you want food containers for a picnic at the park, you can find Initials Inc products to take care of your needs. Their insulated totes can keep beverages cold or food hot for several hours and their lunch lady product is very portable and stylish and is the perfect lunch partner. Their party bin and dish bags are also great for keeping things organized during parties or for long trips out of town.


Initials Inc also offers a line of products to help you keep everything organized at home. From desk organizers to jewelry organizers and toiletry organizers that you can take with you for vacations, you can find quite a selection of products under this collection. They also offer magnetic pockets, which you can stick onto your refrigerators for receipts, important business cards, or even for important reminders.

Initials Inc bins and box organizers are perfect for keeping dirty laundry until washday or for keeping a stack of toys hidden for sorting out later on.

Purses and Wallets

Initials Inc loop clutches and wristlets are great for a night out. It fits in money and your keys perfectly so you don’t have to deal with taking a large bulky bag with you. You can also find an assortment of wallets and coin purses in faux croc, synthetic leather, or canvass, depending on the material you prefer.


Initials Inc offers more than just bags and organizers. You can also find sashes and flower pins to add more style and personality to your bags. They even offer flip-flops and sun hats, which can also be personalized.

From stylish carry all bags and small purses to travel bags and home organizers; Initials Inc certainly keeps all your needs in mind. If you want to shop around for some of their great products, you can contact an Initials Inc consultant nearby or visit their website for a complete list of their available products. With great products in store, Initials Inc could easily be the next go-to for the fashion-savvy, modern day woman of this generation.