Join Initials Inc.

Initials Inc has been producing high-quality bags since 2005 and now that the company has employed a direct sales framework, many people have found a profitable venture by joining the company as creative partners. Offering a line of competitive products, it comes as no surprise why many people are interested in representing the company. Whether you are looking for a part-time venture to earn some supplemental income or you want to match the salary you used to earn with a full-time job, Initials Inc offers a very flexible business opportunity that would suit your schedule and capabilities as an entrepreneur.

How to Become a Creative Partner for Initials Inc

What attracts many people to Initial Inc’s products is the fact that they offer personalized bags, allowing consumers to have anything they want printed on their Initial Inc purchases. The company also takes quality very seriously, which is why they have established a loyal network of repeat customers. This is why Initial Inc’s business opportunity has so much potential for success. A product that can easily sell itself will no doubt bring in so much profit for a business. If you are interested in this wonderful direct sales business opportunity, then you might want to join as a creative partner. You can earn profit just by attending weekly home parties or by selling your merchandise online or individually to consumers; they offer flexible modes of selling.

Joining Initials Inc is easy but you do need to sign up with an existing creative partner to join. Since sponsorships are necessary, if you don’t know anyone currently representing the company, you can find an initials inc creative partner near your area so you can get in touch with her. Once you have a creative partner, you can easily sign up to become one yourself.

Initials Inc Starter Kits

Before you can start representing the company as a creative partner, you will need your own consultant starter kit to help you launch your business. Initials Inc offers their starter kit for $100. The kit comes with over $400 worth of products, allowing you to instantly double your initial investment.

The creative partner starter kit comes with 11 different products, party invitations, order forms, catalogs, recruitment brochures, and a fabric ring. Aside from the starter kit, new creative partners will also receive their own replicated e-commerce website. You can access your inventory, profit, and your own back office through the site. You can also feature your products on your site and allow consumers to buy through there if you choose to. Of course, as an Initials Inc creative partner, you will be given invitations to training seminars and conventions to help you further the success of your business.

Initials Inc Compensation Plan

Initials Inc offers competitive commission rates for creative partners so you can be assured that you can achieve your financial goals if you set your mind to it.

Personal Sales Commissions

All creative partners are entitled to 25% base commissions on their personal retail sales. While there are no strict sales requirements, if you meet certain sales goals you can be eligible for personal sales bonuses every month. For every achievement you attain every month, you get attractive rewards.

Bonuses and Rewards

As a creative partner, you can sponsor new partners who are interested in joining the company. For doing so, you will be eligible for sponsorship and recruitment bonuses. You can also be promoted to higher leadership ranks when you sponsor enough downline representatives and meet sales requirements for each rank.

Initials Inc also offers a smart start program for new creative partners. If you want to earn free products for yourself or to sell for extra profit, this is a great program to join. If you achieve the sales goals under the program within your first 90 days, you get more products for yourself or for your inventory all for free. This is a great program to keep you motivated and focused during your first few months as a creative partner for Initials Inc.

Initials Inc also offers new rewards for this year. Achieve quarterly sales goals and you can earn monetary bonuses and as well as a free trip to Los Cabos, Mexico for a special vacation. You can also join their weekend getaways and boot camps and get to know other creative partners, share ideas, and have fun.

Aside from offering amazing products, Initials Inc also offers a commission structure that is pretty difficult to resist. You can even increase your monthly profits through a wide array of bonuses and incentives especially offered to creative partners. Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business or you want to get away from your hectic 9 to 5 job to spend more time with your family and friends, Initials Inc has the perfect opportunity for you. Initials Inc shows every woman that it’s never too early or too late to achieve financial success.