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Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you wish you had more time for yourself and your family? Do you want to start taking control of your financial future? With Damsel in Defense’s business opportunity, you can accomplish all your goals and finally have enough time for the people and things that you love. Damsel in Defense does not only offer a great opportunity with high earning potential but they also allow you to empower women by giving them easy access to self-defense weapons that they can use in the event of an attack.

Most women probably want to learn to defend themselves but unfortunately, taking self-defense lessons is not always possible especially since it requires a lot of time. Give your friends, family, and personal network, the next best thing to a black belt in Karate or Judo—a stun gun, pepper spray or a kubotan! These portable weapons may be small but they can save lives. A lot of women probably want to get a hold of these products but they aren’t always accessible. Fortunately, Damsel in Defense makes these life-saving tools a lot more accessible by distributing them through independent consultants. By signing up for this exciting new business opportunity, you can be a Damsel Pro too! Find out how to join below:

How to Become a Damsel Pro

Joining Damsel in Defense as a consultant is as simple as filling up a few forms. But before anything else, you’ll first need a sponsor. This means that you have to sign up with an existing Damsel Pro so that you can join her team. You can simply contact one near your area to get you started or if you don’t have a particular Pro in mind who can sponsor you, you can visit the company’s website and provide your location information so that a Damsel Pro can be referred to you. Once the paperwork is finished, you’ll have to pay for your starter kit, which contains everything you need to jumpstart your own Damsel in Defense business.

Knight in Shining Armor Startup Kit

Damsel in Defense’s startup kit is offered to new consultants for only $179 but the contents of the kit are valued at over $300. The kit comes with the following items:

  • Four stun guns (1 Tiny Takedown, 1 On Your Knees, 1 Hot Lips, and 1 Pack a Punch)
  • Two Types of Pepper Sprays (1 Hardcore spray and 1 Pouch O Pepper Spray)
  • 1 Kid tracker alarm
  • 1 kubotan
  • 1 portable alarm system
  • 1 door alarm system
  • 1 Aquanet keepsafe container and 1 road trip auto tool.

In addition to these amazing products, you’ll also get 50 Damsel Pro business cards, 25 brochures, and 25 order forms. That’s everything you need for your first home party!

Damsel Pro Earning Potential

Wondering how much you can earn as a Damsel in Defense Pro? Well you’ll probably be pleased to know that Damsel in Defense offers a large potential for income. They don’t offer the same commissions per level so you can earn more once you reach higher leadership levels. As a Damsel recruit, you’ll earn 25% commissions on your personal sales but once you reach the Damsel pro level, you can earn 30% commissions on your personal sales and the only requirement to reach that level is to carry a personal volume of at least $1000. Once you start sponsoring your own downline representatives, you can start earning downline bonuses of up to 4% depending on how many levels of downlines you have.  You can also receive personal and group bonuses for exceeding your level’s monthly sales goals.

With Damsel in Defense’s lucrative compensation plan, you can reach the financial goals you’ve set for yourself in no time! So go ahead and sign up for Damsel in Defense now because nothing says, “I’m an independent woman” than your very own self-defense tools plus your own monthly income!

Damsel In Defense FAQ

Interested in selling Damsel in Defense products? You can join the company as a Damsel Pro; you simply have to contact an existing pro, join her team, and you're all set to sell these amazing products!
If you want a flexible schedule, large income potential, and the opportunity to help other women by empowering them, then joining Damsel in Defense as a consultant is definitely the perfect opportunity for you! If you join, you can take control of your safety and as well as your financial future!