Damsel in Defense Products

Empowering Women Through Stylish and Portable Self-Defense Products

Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation that you didn’t know how to get out of? Do you often feel vulnerable to physical attacks when traveling alone? It is completely normal to feel vulnerable against a potential attack or crime. After all, no one wants to be a victim of such violence. It is important to know that women are not the only targets of such attacks but some attackers might find women to be easier targets especially by male assailants. This is why knowing how to defend oneself against a potential attack is important. You don’t necessarily have to learn a form of martial arts to defend yourself, as there are portable weapons that you can take with you when going out or keep near you at home for self-defense purposes. Wondering how you can get a hold of such self-defense weapons? Well, one direct sales company in particular carries a line of self-defense weapons especially designed for women.

Damsel in Defense is all about empowering women by providing them with the necessary tools for self-defense. Remember you won’t always have someone to defend you so it’s better to have the means to defend yourself and the people around you.

Self-Defense Products

So what exactly can you expect from Damsel in Defense’s line of products? Basically, everything you’ll ever need to defend yourself! From stun guns to pepper sprays to portable alarm systems, Damsel in Defense has you covered! Want to explore their amazing product line? Take a look at what they have to offer below:

Stun Guns

Damsel in Defense’s stun guns may be small but they can easily incapacitate someone with one attack. Stun guns are used in close-contact situations so you have to know exactly how to use it and which button to push. After all, a second can make all the difference if you ever find yourself in the middle of an assault. Damsel in Defense offers five stun gun options in voltages ranging from 950k volts to 7.5 million volts. Some of the varieties they offer even come in clever disguises so attackers won’t know right away that you have a powerful electroshock weapon with you. Their “Pack a Punch” stun gun looks like a flashlight and works like a flashlight but it is equipped with 7.5 million volts of electric power. The “Hot Lips” stun gun looks like a lipstick and even comes with a lipstick cap but it has 950k volts of electric power and the “Call Me Crazy” stun gun looks like a cute little mobile phone and even has all the buttons to show for it but is 4.5 million volts strong! All their stun guns are rechargeable so just make sure to keep it charged and pack it in your purse at all times. It would help to keep an extra one by your bedside drawer too.

Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are perhaps one of the most common self-defense tools used by women because they are much more accessible than other weapons. Damsel in Defense offers three types of Pepper spray options in varying sizes. They also come in cute pink and purple varieties, perfect for every stylish personality! The “Pouch O Pepper” and “Hardcore” variety both come in half-ounce bottles and can be used as key chains and the “Take 2” variety comes in two-ounce canisters if you feel more secure knowing that you have more liquid to spray should you ever find yourself being attacked. The great thing about Damsel in Defense’s pepper spray is that they can be sprayed from up to 12 feet away just in case you have to defend yourself from a distance. They also contain UV dye so the cops can easily identify who the attacker is later on. This spray bottle can save your life so it’s always useful having one within close reach.

Other Self-Defense and Security Products

Looking for a more portable weapon to take with you? A kubotan might just be what you are looking for! These pen-like self-defense weapons come with key chains. They may look harmless and they may look small but they can cause intense pain or even temporary paralysis. It also helps strengthen a defensive strike, just simply target sensitive areas. Just attack with as much strength as you can and the kubotan will take care of the rest!

Other useful products offered by Damsel in Defense includes a portable key alarm system that’s 120 decibels loud for situations when you need help, a portable child monitor that you can clip to your child so that you can trigger an alarm should you ever lose sight of your little one while you are out, and a door alarm system that can be activated to sound whenever someone opens the door in your home. Another useful item from Damsel in Defense is the “Aquanet Keepsafe Diversion Safe”, which looks like a can of hair spray but is really a container for valuables like money and jewelry so no one will ever suspect what’s inside.

With Damsel in Defense’s powerful self-defense products, you’ll never have to be in distress again even when someone tries to attack you when you are alone.

Damsel In Defense FAQ

Damsel in Defense's products work just like regular self-defense weapons, their stun guns are equipped with 950k up to 7.5 million volts of electric power and their pepper sprays can be sprayed from up to 12 feet away! These weapons can disarm, cause temporary paralysis, and incapacitate an attacker but they are non-lethal so they don't cause permanent damage and are intended for self-defense purposes only.