Join Avon

Avon has a lot to offer potential sales representatives, including generous commission, little or no inventory costs, and beautiful full-color catalogs and brochures to entice potential customers. There are a number of different approaches that new reps can take to start earning profit, making Avon one of the most popular “first timer” companies for budding direct sales entrepreneurs.

A Name To Bank On

Avon has been marketing its products through representatives for over 125 years, and the iconic title of “Avon Lady” is a household name even today. The trust and familiarity behind the brand make it easy to strike up conversations and sell to new customers, and the impressive network of reps nationwide helps keep the cost of starting low enough that virtually anyone can start selling Avon, even with no sales background.

Time is On Your Side

Even the most enthusiastic customers occasionally have to be reminded about payment, which is why Avon doesn’t charge representatives for their orders until two weeks after they arrive. In addition, they offer credit lines to qualified reps, ensuring they have plenty of time to sell, settle accounts and assemble large orders in-between payments. If your potential customers happen to be night owls or want a more in-depth look at the many products available, simply direct them to your online sales page and watch your order total increase as more and more browsers come to explore your products.

What is the Cost to Sell Avon?

Easily one of the lowest startup costs in the direct sales circuit, $10 is all it takes to begin selling Avon products as an independent sales representative. The cost covers 20 sales brochures, enabling you to use ten brochures for each of your first two selling campaigns. Once you apply and pay your one-time $10 fee, you’ll also get access to online training, your very own online sales portal and information on the entire family of Avon products.

What Will I Earn With Avon?

As an extra incentive to embrace selling from the start, you will make a generous 40% profit on all the items placed in your first online customers order batch. After that, your volume and actions within the company can net you as much as 50% profit on the products you sell; a number that’s best reached by recruiting and training other sales reps for your Avon team. With new brochures every two weeks, it’s easy to get new customers interested and keep them coming back for more.

Whether you choose to sell one-on-one to your customers, set up a booth at an event or party or make use of your online sales tools to keep digital interest piqued in your sales page, A-V-O-N spells success! With an investment of only ten minutes and ten dollars, you can go from working a job to working for yourself. Over five million women worldwide have used Avon to make a difference in their lives - isn’t it time you discovered their secret for yourself?