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Best Time to Join a Direct Sales Jewelry Company

Initial Outfitters Jewelry Display Kit
Do you know when it is a good time to join a direct sales jewelry company? Anytime! Because the process is usually done online, you can join any time, day or night. After joining, you can then star...

NewULife Transdermal HGH Gel Fights Aging Processes

New U Life
Let’s face it - getting older is inevitable. Our bodies naturally produce human growth hormone until age 25, after which time natural levels plummet. Goodbye GH, hello aging. When I was first intro...

Christmas in July Outlet Sale!

Outlet Sail!
Thirty-One's Christmas in July Outlet Sale is almost over--today is the LAST DAY! Check it out one more time for great prices and personalization for upcoming gift-giving events, or indulge in somethi...

How to Rock A Direct Sales Jewelry Business

Initial Outfitters Jewelry Display
A jewelry business is already so much fun all on its own! It’s sparkly and hits all our “feel-good receptors” just by looking at it! Kind of like the shiny pack of M&Ms, perched at the grocery s...

How to Find a Direct Sales Jewelry Company That Is Right for You

Initial Outfitters Jewelry Dispplay
What I love most about choosing a direct sales jewelry company is that the startup fee is so low! This low fee makes it super easy to get started, but sometimes people join so fast that they forget t...

Host Special - Double FREE Products in June!!!

Host in June for Double FREE Products
What an amazing time of year! June Host special is DOUBLE FREE products (sales of $650 or more) plus 60% off one of our exclusive Rockcrock products or sets, up to (5) 50% off items, 20-30% off your h...

June brings the Blooming at Magnolia and Vine WOW

Interchangeable Jewelry, purses, fashion accessories
No need for one outfit, one purse, one necklace or bracelet. Get that "one purse, necklace, bracelet and more" to go with any outfit. Our Versa purse comes in two sizes and has over a dozen accents...

Join with Color Street Real Nail Polish Strips

Celebrate with Sassy Duo and Color Street
Are you looking for something fun and easy to apply and be in style and on trend? Do you want to be able to carry your product in your purse and not need any special tools? Look no further than Colo...

June Special - Double Host Rewards

June Double Host Rewards
JUNE HOST SPECIAL IS AMAZING!!!Who has been thinking about hosting a Pampered Chef party, but just not booked one yet. Well, June is the time as we are offering DOUBLE FREE products for host with $650...

Welcome Spring!

Clever Container welcomed Spring 2018 in mid-April with the new spring/summer 2018 catalog! Just as spring brings changes in our homes, the Clever Container organizing solutions product line has been...

Thoughts for the Potential Consultants

I can
So, you think you would like to be in business for yourself. You want to be a part of the Direct Sales industry. What makes a company the company for you? Sales? Years in business? Consultants in your...

Le-Vel Announces New THERMO Weight Loss Product

Le-Vel announced their new weight loss product that uses "THERMO technology." “We’re officially one week away from revealing to the world our game-changing 'THERMO technology' with our new product THR...

Featured Companies

Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields

Est. Consultants
Downline Commission
Startup Cost


Est. Market Partners
15% - 40%
Downline Commission
7% - 12%
Startup Cost
$99 - $399
Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive

Est. Promoters
20% - 40%
Downline Commission
4% - 8%
Startup Cost