Plexus Announces 3-Day Reset Kit


At the Plexus convention on 22-25 June 2022, Plexus announced Plexus Reset. The word reset is defined as paving the way towards rapid results. Plexus Reset does just that. It is a 3-day nutritionally supported fast. It helps reset metabolism, support wellness goals, and reset the body for maximum results. The kit is complete with drinks, shakes, collagen bone broth soups, and snack bars. It is packaged in a 3-day box set with easy to follow directions. The kit includes some of the old Plexus favorites like Slim, Active, Hydrate, and Lean but there are also some new products that are currently only available with this kit.

The new products are as follows:

  • Collagen bone broth soup taken for lunch.
  • Collagen tomato herb soup taken for dinner.
  • Smart Snack bars with 7 grams of protein and fiber in a matcha vanilla flavor.
  • Restore drink mix with a blend of ingredients to support cellular defense, digestion support, appetite control, gut health, liver function, and stress response.

Independent participants lost weight over the 3 days and many kept it off. In addition, they reported more energy, better digestion, improved mood, and less inflammation. Some proclaimed to have an over-all sense of well-being with extra motivation to stick with their health goals. Plexus Reset in now available from US Plexus Brand Ambassadors.