Paparazzi Jewelry Parties

Paparazzi Jewelry is known nationwide not only for their great products and profitable business opportunities but they are also known for their exclusive parties. A Paparazzi Accessories party often serves as a venue for friends and family to catch up while trying on great jewelry, which they can purchase for very affordable prices.

Do you want to share the joy of owning jewelry from the Paparazzi accessories catalog with your friends and family while having access to large discounts and great rewards? If your answer to this question is yes, then read on and learn more about hosting a Paparazzi party.

How to Host a Paparazzi Party

Hosting a Paparazzi Party all starts by contacting a Paparazzi Accessories independent consultant. It is highly advisable to book at least several days before your desired schedule to ensure that your consultant is available. If you do not have a particular consultant in mind, you can always contact the company and a consultant will be recommended to you.

While a Paparazzi party does not always mean a home party, most hostesses prefer to host home parties because it is a lot more personal and fun to invite family and friends over for a party. If you want to host a Paparazzi Accessories party at home, your consultant will provide you with invitations and help you prepare for your Paparazzi party by setting up all the merchandise for easy viewing on the part of your guests. A Paparazzi party typically only takes about two to three hours. Your guests can try on a wide selection of Paparazzi accessories products to see how the pieces look on them, then decide which ones to buy. Your guests can also book a Paparazzi Accessories party with your consultant if they are interested in hosting a party of their own.

Paparazzi party hostesses receive free products, large discounts, and a chance to avail of exclusive merchandise. Whether you have already fallen in love with Paparazzi’s product base or you are just beginning to discover how great their products are, hosting a Paparazzi party would certainly yield great results.

Exclusive Paparazzi Party Hostess Rewards

Hostess rewards can vary significantly depending on the available merchandise and the amount of party sales. The great thing about Paparazzi’s product base is that they are very easy to sell, as they are superior in terms of quality and are offered for very low prices unlike Jewelry pieces of the same caliber sold in retail stores. When you host a Paparazzi Accessories party, you can expect most of your guests to purchase a piece or two so it shouldn’t be so difficult to reach the minimum party sales for rewards.

Just for hosting a Paparazzi Accessories party, you already get one free product from your consultant. You get a chance to receive more accessories for free if your party does well in terms of party sales. For every $100 worth of party sales, you get one more free Jewelry or hair accessory and you also get another piece of jewelry for free if 20 or more guests purchase products from the Paparazzi Accessories Catalog at your party. You are given the freedom to choose which products you would like to receive for free when your host a party.

By hosting a Paparazzi party, you do not only get a chance to hang out with the people you love but you also get to enjoy the many great rewards that await Paparazzi party hostesses.

Paparazzi Party Options

As previously mentioned, hosting Paparazzi parties do not limit you to home parties, as there are other types of party formats that you can employ. If you do not have time to host a home party, you can always host an online party instead. To host an online Paparazzi Jewelry party, you just have to contact a consultant so they can make the party happen. All you have to do is to invite people you know, which can easily be done by sending electronic invitations. After you have confirmed the number of guests, you can send a guest list to your consultant. Paparazzi Accessories Independent consultants typically have their own websites, which they also use as a venue for online parties. Simply direct your guests to the site and have the Paparazzi party there. Have them browse through an online catalogue and if your party sales make the minimum requirement for a Paparazzi party, your consultant will send your free products right at your doorstep for you to enjoy. Orders made by your guests at your online paparazzi party will also be shipped to you and you can simply deliver them or have your guests pick it up at your place for convenience.

Regardless of the Paparazzi party format you employ, you can expect to earn great rewards for sharing the Paparazzi experience with your friends and family. The great thing about hosting a Paparazzi party is that it does not require much work, as the bulk of your work mostly concerns inviting guests and preparing your home for the party or directing guests to your consultant’s website if you are hosting an online Paparazzi party, the rest will be taken care of by your consultant. The company guarantees that great parties always merit great rewards.