Norwex Starter Kit

Unlike many direct sales companies, Norwex puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to a startup kit. In a ringing endorsement for the power of Norwex products to truly “sell themselves”, new consultants are given a kit with the agreement that it will be free if they make $2,000 in sales in their first three months. In the unlikely event they miss the mark, they will be billed $200 for their kit, a bargain considering the bestselling product contents and business materials typically carry a far higher price tag.

In the kit, a representative will find numerous items for demonstrating the cleaning power of microfiber at their Norwex parties, including:

  • 2 Antibacterial Enviro Cloths
  • 1 2-Pack Sirisponge
  • 1 Antibacterial Window Cloth
  • 1 Antibacterial Dusting Mitt
  • 1 Large Dry Mop Pad
  • 1 Large Wet Mop Pad
  • 1 Large Mop Base
  • 1 Telescopic Mop Handle

As well as materials that are vital and helpful in building their business, such as:

  • A “FreshSTART” Consultant Guide
  • Guides for Hostesses
  • Catalogs and Order Forms
  • Price Lists
  • Brochures

Online tools, such as training, webinars and Q&A sessions will also be available to new representatives to help support their training and education. If a representative misses a webinar or can’t watch it live, they will also have the option of purchasing a CD recording for a nominal fee. A sales portal website is also available for reps that want to increase their branding power and reach, offering a customized online shopping solution for only $9.99 a month.

With a fair, generous startup package and ongoing learning and earning opportunities, Norwex ensures that every representative that joins their team, whether it’s part time and casual or full time and driven, receives the tools they need to achieve success.