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Laimis Urbonas

When it comes making a difference in the world, I believe it first starts with how we care for our own homes. Making healthy choices for my family is top priority. I’m Laimis-Norwex Independent Sales Consultant with Norwex. Norwex is a leading provider of safer home cleaning solutions, with TOP QUALITY BackLock microfiber technology that will change your life (for real!)! Join my team today.
North Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60657 US

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What is Norwex?

Want to green your clean and solve household upkeep issues without resorting to harsh, expensive chemicals? Look no further than Norwex, a direct sales company built on a "little red cloth" that could save you hundreds a year. In addition to a wide array of eco-friendly home and lifestyle products, Norwex manufactures a hardworking microfiber cloth that may just make you turn away from paper towels for good. Once you feel the clean, fresh surfaces their cloths leave behind, you'll wonder how you ever did housework without them. Use them in conjunction with Norwex's silver-infused sponges and earth-friendly formulas and you'll enjoy a sparkling house in no time!