When Desire Meets Opportunity

Show N Go Tote

There are many great reasons for getting involved with Direct Sales. We have heard them all, from a flexible schedule to the commission earned; something clicks and we decide we can do it! When the time comes to getting the parties, making the sales, and growing our business though, we are faced with the reality that this is work! Here are my thoughts about making your business a success.

1. Choose the company and products you represent carefully. I would suggest that choosing the oldest direct sales company out there may not be the best choice. I believe the most successful company does not make the most successful consultant. There are so many variables. Some companies have consultants on every corner - are you comfortable with that environment? You may go to a party and the consultant notices you for your smile, or your laughter, or your "cheerleader" demeanor and tell you that you were MADE for direct sales and she would love to have you join her team. Is that enough for your success?

2. Ask questions, do your research. Maybe the first question to ask is: Is this a product I feel passionately about, or is it a product somebody else feels I should feel passionately about? I want to tell you a story about my experience. I love cosmetics and fragrance. Many years ago I thought a certain company was the way I would make a career for myself. Little did I realize that my sense of responsibility would get in my way. Women are encouraged to put ourselves first. I just could not reconcile becoming a conduit for putting a hardship on a family by encouraging a woman to spend money for things that just plain would not better the family. Now, this was MY experience, and while I know we all want to take care of ourselves as well as our family, I just have a difficulty with putting my desires before my family's needs and so to encourage another woman to do that did not work for me. (By the way, my experience has NOTHING to do with the company, it is all about me.) So, when you ask questions and do research, begin with yourself. It is great if you have a different viewpoint than me because we are all different and this world needs each and every personality and gift to make direct sales work!

3. When you commit, commit! So, you have chosen the company you want to represent, you have asked questions of yourself and the company regarding their organization structure, sales practices, compensation possibilities, start-up costs and mentorship opportunities to name a few important details. Once you purchase your sales kit (this is a normal, essential part of signing with a company), begin to make your plan. Whether you are in a position to host a part within a week or a month after you get your kit, commit to it and do it! Learn your products, get to know your mentor (team leader) and ask lots of questions, but commit and do it!

4. Clever Container - and why I chose this Direct Sales company with which to associate. I want to share my web page so you can take a few minutes to see the products I represent. This is important because it will tell you something about me! I love my home and I love organization. I find myself much more productive and focused when I don't have to dig around looking for something I know I have, but I have buried someplace for safe keeping. Here it is: Ann's web-site. Very important to me is the fact that the company is growing, and because it is, the Team Leaders are accessible and anxious to develop us as we journey. Whether a consultant or a Team Leader, there is plenty of great training for everybody.

5. It didn't go as planned. So, when you signed up your sights were set and you expected six shows your first month and off the chart sales ... but it didn't happen. Do you quit? I certainly hope not because the first month does not tell the story for the rest of your career. Rather that quit, take another look at the opportunities around you. One of the errors many of us make is to tap into our immediate circle of friends and family to schedule those first parties. That is a great idea - as long as those folks attending are not planted firmly in your existing circle of friends and/or family. Don't be afraid to ask your hostess to invite folks you do not know. They are your key to casting a larger net!

Finally, I recently read a quote that has inspired me. Oprah Winfrey is credited with saying, "surround yourself with Only people who are going to take you HIGHER"! That is my final tidbit of advice for you today! And that, friends, is the reason I chose Clever Container as the company I wish to represent in my area and beyond. Are you looking for an opportunity in the Direct Sales market? I would love to speak with you about this opportunity - and yes, I am building my team and look forward to continuing to surround myself with Only people who are going to take me HIGHER!!