Welcome Spring!


Clever Container welcomed Spring 2018 in mid-April with the new spring/summer 2018 catalog! Just as spring brings changes in our homes, the Clever Container organizing solutions product line has been spruced up too!

One of the most popular fabric patterns in the product line-up is Bright Lights. We all know the challenges of running errands, grocery shopping, carpooling, running kids to various after-school activities, always - always in a rush! The spring catalog brought with it an expansion of the Bright Lights pattern into "everything vehicle". From our leak-proof litter bag to the cargo carrier, you'll find this popular pattern represented! One of our new products is our visor valet, designed to keep track of those items we need to have right at hand.

Each month brings exciting new customer specials, and in May another of our most popular products is featured. The Market Basket or the Insulated Market baskets are available at half-price with qualifying purchases. We don't forget our hosts either when we offer exclusive bundled rewards at 70% off with $500 workshops - this in addition to a very generous hostess reward package!

Not wanting to leave our new consultants out, we offer a new collection of products in either of our business kits! We retired a pattern this past winter, and in place of items with the retired pattern are several new items! It feels like Christmas when we receive our striking teal and white box filled with everything a consultant needs to hit the road running toward a successful business launch! We still offer a choice of two kits, too. Our "Clever Essentials Kit" is a $120 value and it's available for $49. The "Business Builder Kit" is just that. This is the kit for the consultant who desires more variety of products. The cost of $99 is a really good value since consultants receive $320 in the retail value of the products included.

With just over 10,000 enrolled consultants, a career with Clever Container is really still a ground floor opportunity! There is plenty of room for growth in every state. We are getting ready for our conference in June so May is a perfect month to start a successful career with the only direct sales company whose one focus is on organizing solutions. Do you have questions about Clever Container? Can I help you start your new career? Whether you are a teacher, seeking a way to supplement your summer income, a mom who would love to be able to combine a career with staying home with your family or an empty-nester seeking a way to get out and about - Clever Container offers a career that is limited only by your dreams and vision!

Come join me and show the world how to Make Room for Life with Clever Container organizing solutions!