Earning Incentive Trips in Direct Sales

Direct Sales Incentive Trip, Hamburg

If you like to travel and can't afford to you should consider Direct Sales.

I just recently returned from a bucket list trip of a lifetime to Ireland, and it was paid for by my Pink Zebra business. I would have never dreamed I would be traveling the world as I do now and I can honestly say it is because of the incentive trips my company sponsors each year. We get rewarded for doing what we love best, selling and building teams. I know in the real world of 9 to 5 most can't say that.

In my 7 years of being with the company I have earned 6 incentive trips for 2! This includes airfare and hotel accommodations, most at all inclusive world class destinations. I've traveled to Punta Cana, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cap Cana, Panama and Ireland. Some of these places I would have never visited on my own. I've been rowed across a river by canoe in Panama to visit the Embera Indian Village, Zip-lined thru the rain forests of Costa Rica, and pampered at a Castle in Limerick Ireland.

I am so excited that starting this month a new trip incentive period starts. We don't yet know our destination, but I know from being on past trips with Pink Zebra that I will never miss one. We are earning bonus points this month by sponsoring new team members and later in the month at our company reunion/ convention we will learn where Pink Zebra will be taking us next. All this is courtesy of direct sales.