The Mialisia Compensation Plan

With Mialisia, the potential for profit is endless. As a designer, you get to earn 35% of your personal retail sales in commissions and as the company grows and your personal team grows, you get the opportunity of being promoted higher up the hierarchy of designers. You can also earn from your team’s commissionable sales. Plus you get to earn bonuses along the way. Receive as much as $75 showtime bonuses and as much as $1500 rank achievement bonus when you become an executive elite designer. As an added bonus for your hard work, you can also be eligible for a dream car bonus as soon as you reach the rank of executive pro designer. With multiple income streams, you can realize your dream of financial independence much sooner than you think. Just remember that with dedication and hard work, your potential for success is endless!

You get to earn all this for representing Mialisia, attending home parties, and selling the most stylish and versatile jewelry collection the direct sales industry has ever seen. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this unique ground floor opportunity and be the founding member of Mialisia today!