IDLife Products

Rather than focusing on a narrow niche, IDLife embraces the concept of whole lifestyle health, bringing consumers solutions to many different physical and nutritional needs. Four “groups” of products approach common health concerns and provide users with targeted, tested and proven extracts and supplements for real solutions.

Weight Management

Getting weight off and keeping it off requires different products at different times. IDLife meal replacement powder offers an easy way to get your daily nutrients without a calorie-laden meal, but what about the hunger pangs that strike between meals? Easy - appetite chews help curb those cravings and keep you going until its time to eat - no bags of chips, crackers or other unhealthy snacks needed! This one-two punch of products gives you the tools you need to slim down and shed unhealthy weight gradually, avoiding the dreaded “yo yo effect” with a stable routine that keeps your appetite in check all day long.


Sure, there are sleep aids and sleeping pills on the market, but no one likes that half-asleep groggy feeling that follows them around the day after taking them. The side effects that come from taking cold medicine for insomnia alone just aren’t worth it. Tossers and turners, take heart - IDLife’s innovative sleep strips are here to save the day - or, more accurately, the night. Using ingredients like L-Theanine and melatonin, each dissolvable mint-flavored strip is designed to work throughout the sleep cycle, releasing ingredients to help gently encourage and sustain a deep, restful night’s sleep. You’ll awake rejuvenated with no lingering effects - so put the good back in good morning!


Fatigue isn’t just annoying, it can cost you everything from your competitve edge at work to your health and safety if it strikes while driving. Get back your mental clarity and alertness without the jitters and “mystery ingredients” of gas station energy pills and drinks. IDLife energy chews come in a delicious chocolate flavor and have been specially formulated to deliver an extra boost of energy without the fallout associated with other energy consumables. Grab one before tackling your to-do list, or try one in place of a coffee mid-afternoon: you’ll love the support and focus it brings!

Individualized Nutrition

The keystone of the IDLife product family, your AM/PM strip packs of supplements are created just for your needs, right in front of your eyes. As you take the comprehensive on-site health questionnaire, a complex algorithm matches up supplement solutions for your health concerns, giving you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

With four great ways to improve quality of life at all hours of the day, customers just can’t say no to IDLife solutions. Harness the earning power behind them by joining as a representative today!


IDLife products are intended to be taken as part of a nutritional or diet routine, and vary in cost depending on a user's needs. Smaller everyday products like energy and appetite control chews are priced at $14.95, while 2 lb meal replacement powder canisters are priced at $94.95 per canister.
IDLife products, including the revolutionary ID Nutrition customized supplement program, are available exclusively through the company's network of brand representatives. To purchase IDLife products online, simply request a member ID or personal website URL from your local rep. IDLife products are not available in stores or through other retail outlets.