Thrive Skin with CBD - The results are in!

Michelle Jordan - Before and After

Thrive Skin launched at the end of April as the first skincare products offered by LeVel, known for the Thrive Experience. This is the forst ever skincare kit with CBD as the first 3 ingredients on all 3 products. The three products are Peel, Reduce, Restore and are changing problem skin into glowing beautiful skin in less than a month!

Let’s go back to before I started Thrive Skin. My skin is very sensitive and it’s always been that way for as long as I can remember. Over the past 40 years I’ve had a constant battle with breakouts, redness and dull skin. It was embarrassing and I never felt confident enough to go ANYWHERE without make-up on, ever. A lot of make-up!

After starting the Thrive Skin I started noticing changes DAY 1. What? My skin felt softer and had a bit of a glow to it that it never had before... Now, a month of using these stellar products everyday, I no longer have to cake make-up on AT ALL! Y’all have no idea what this has done for my confidence. It’s amazing to just put on a tinted moisturizer, eye make-up and a gloss! I live in Texas so it’s HOT and make-up melts off your face so this is so so exciting heading into Summer!

The Thrive Experience changed my life and Thrive Skin gave me confidence. I’m beyond grateful.

Thriver for Life - Michelle Jordan