Rodan + Fields Made a BELIEVER Out of Me!

Real Results

It doesn't take a degree or special training to become successful with R+F. After having spent the majority of my adult life as a homemaker & stay at home mother, I'd never done anything as far as making a career choice for myself. I'd had various part-time odd and end jobs over the course of 25+ years, but had put my primary focus on being in my home, caring for my family, and not so much for myself. In 2015 that all changed. My kids were nearly grown, one of them had already moved on to starting their own life, making a family of their own, and felt the need for "CHANGE". Something that was for ME! I had also never been one to ever use any skincare, didn't really care for make up either, but did suffer from having horrible sun damage, in which I had to wear make up to cover it up. In July of 2015 while I was vacationing in Roatan, Honduras of all places, I met a wonderful lady named Penny, who was also there on vacation. Just so happens I'd met her the day before my vacation was ending and I would be flying back home. She approached me with her subtle 'sales pitch' (which honestly, I had no interest in hearing). I had never heard of this 'Rodan + Fields' (and didn't care to). It was when I heard Penny make mention of them having also created PROACTIV, that my ears perked up! I was familiar with that product, though I'd never used it. I had however seen it advertised quite a bit, and knew it was a rather huge product. So THAT got my attention! She made mention of noticing the sun damage I had, as it was rather obvious, and I wasn't hiding it at the time. She told me that R+F had a product called REVERSE that would greatly correct that for me. I was now intrigued. I wanted to do something about my sun damage, but had no interest in any lasers being zapped on my skin, or any other sorta of medical procedure to fix it. But what she was offering me was merely a skincare regimen! Now that I could handle! I will admit, I was quite skeptical of it working, but was willing to give it a shot, being it came with a full 60 day money back guarantee. I really had nothing to lose, other than the embarrassing dark 'stain' on my face and forehead that was stripping away my self confidence.

I took her info and went home the next day. I got on Facebook, looked Penny up, and saw the R+F posts she had of before and after pic of users of these products and was floored! They were AMAZING! I was ready! I contacted Penny, joined as a PC PERKS member and got my REVERSE products ordered! When they arrived it was like Christmas! (in July no less). I was so anxious to start using them and see what would happen. A couple weeks in, I was MIND BLOWN! My sun damage was seriously being corrected! I was so excited and feeling confident again that I couldn't stop talking about it! I shared my results with Penny and told her of my excitement and it was then that she offered up the biz ops with R+F in joining her in the biz by becoming a consultant! After all, that was really what working this biz is about! Using the products, and loving your results, BELIEVING in the products and wanting to share about it with others! I was already there and doing that, so WHY NOT get paid!?Now remember I had not had a single interest in this biz when first approached, but seeing my results was a GAME CHANGER! I was READY! And I wanted in! I knew how huge PROACTIV had become, and I saw the bigger picture and where this company was going! I joined up with R+F in 2015 and have loved it ever since! If I can do this. YOU can do this!Once a skeptic with NO interest in the biz with R+F, it only took my willingness to try their REVERSE products for correcting my sun damage to make a complete BELIEVER out of me! In recognizing the foundation from which R+F had got their start, and the success they had with PROACTIV, I saw where this was going! They're truly doing things different! If you're ready to change your life, let's talk!