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    Our mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.


    Our vision is a world where women of all ages feel beautiful, smart, and confident through all company channels, initiatives, and products. Globally seamless and leveraging innovation, our mission will transcend borders, cultures, and languages and ultimately affect the mainstream perception of both inner and outer beauty.

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    Younique is an international beauty brand and the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media, premised by its original lash enhancer Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. Younique currently operates in 11 markets including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, and Italy, Belgium July1 2019. To learn more, visit www.youniqueproducts.com.


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    How to become a Younique Presenter (consultant)

    Becoming a Younique representative is as easy as logining into your Facebook or Instagram account and signing up through that application. What makes Younique sales opportunity unique is the fact that it is centered around social media. The company believes in making things even simpler and taking selling to the next level. It counld’t be an easier to start selling Younique products, simply find a presenter and login via social media app.

    Selling Younique Products from Home

    Is there anything easier than managing your buisness from over the internet? You can host virtual online parties and be connected to your clientele 24/7. As long as you are online you don’t have to worry about loosing clients. Of course, if you prefer to host home parties instead you can still do so! You can meet with your clients in person or choose to use one of the solcial mediums to connect with your client base via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to share your love for our products and your business with others. You have complete control on how you would like to run your buisness while having access to the companies buisness tool and resources.

    As a team member, I will provide you with training and additional resources, and help you grow your buisness to meet your desired goals

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    About Me

    I am a strong believer that strength comes from within. It’s a tragedy when our self worth and confidence are crushed either as a child or adult. When this happens, searching for the support from others who will Uplift, Validate you and Empower you to be strong again is what Younique is all about. I believe in the Younique Foundation, I hope you will too

    The Younique Foundation

    Reclaim Hope.

    The purpose behind Younique, The Younique Foundation aims to inspire hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by hosting them at a retreat, where they are uplifted by each other and learn skills that can help them find individual healing.

    Defend Innocence.

    TYF educates parents and empowers them to protect their children from sexual abuse while leading a public dialogue to bring the epidemic of abuse to light.

    Nearly 800 women, including Younique Presenters, have benefited from The Haven Retreat for healing. Utah Valley Business Q named The Younique Foundation as Local Philanthropist of the Year stating, "Derek [Maxfield, Younique Founder] and his wife, Shelaine, found their great purpose: supporting women who were sexually abused as children." They went on to quote Derek Maxfield who said, "Nothing about The Younique Foundation was an afterthought. This wasn’t a case of making it big with our business and finding a charitable cause to support. There’s nothing wrong with that method, but it’s simply not our story. The Foundation has always been the motivation.”

    The Story Behind The Younique Foundation

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    wrote 2 years ago

    Paid every 3 hours is a dream. It’s a blessing being able to work online anywhere anytime and raise my daughter everywhere I go.

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