Touch Powder Foundation

Stars shine, achievements shine, aspirations shine - but when your face shines because it’s oily, you definitely don’t feel like “shining.” Get back to matte with Younique’s Touch Pressed Powder Foundation, a specially-formulated compact of pressed powder made to keep your finish flawless-looking and touchably silky. Whether you incorporate this “powderful’ cosmetic tool into your initial look or just use it for touch ups in the ladies’ room, you’ll marvel at how smoothly it goes on and how weightless it really feels.

The Power of Powder

Powder foundation is an essential element to every makeup stash, giving its user the ability to create a silky finish, keep shiny spots at bay, and make a smooth, even canvas for other cosmetics. With just the swipe of a favorite cosmetic brush, a light dusting helps visually smooth pores and works with cream foundation to give your skin a youthful, unblemished appearance. Like other high-end cosmetics from Younique, Touch Pressed Powder Foundation is also infused with minerals for lasting wear with a airy, weightless wearing experience that leaves other powder foundations in the dust.

Individualized Beauty

Have you ever gone to swipe on a new powder foundation, only to discover that it’s just a shade too light or dark? You don’t have to worry about foundation disappointment and smudgy blending anymore, because Younique has the solution: ten different shades of pressed powder foundation. No matter what shade or undertones your skin may have, there’s a hue for you, and matching cream foundations for each color are available as well. Add additional Younique cosmetics such as mineral pigment shadows or daily moisturizing cream to achieve a total look that’s nothing short of fabulous!

Find a fresher, more beautiful face looking back at you from your compact mirror: try pressed powder foundation from Younique for yourself today.