Refreshed Rose Water

Cooling, refreshing and delightfully fragrant, rose water has been used by beauty aficionados around the world for literally hundreds of years. While Younique products use innovation throughout their brand lines, there’s a lot to be said for classic skin treatments and beauty regimens! Refreshed Pure and Natural Rose Water is the same fragrant solution found on Cleopatra’s vanity hundreds of years ago, in a convenient portable form that you can enjoy on demand today.

Excellent for Summer

Nothing’s harder on your complexion and makeup application than hot weather. Younique Rose Water gives you the perfect press-button tool to beat the heat and leave your skin feeling rejuvenated after just a spritz. Stash your bottle in the fridge for a burst of cool refreshment when you get home from work, or incorporate this “miracle pink bottle” into your facial cleansing routine in the morning and evening to enjoy its soft, natural fragrance throughout your day.

A Powerful Cosmetic Ally

Refreshed Pure and Natural Rosewater is delightful all by itself, but when combined with other Younique makeup products, it really shines. Add a light spray to powder-based products such as mineral pigment makeup, blushes and mineral powder concealers from Younique to give them a “wet look” application that goes on smoothly and gives you fantastic coverage. No heavy oils or serums here - just soft, lightly-fragranced rosewater to kiss your skin.

Purse Friendly

Need a pick-me-up at work or on the go? This slender, portable bottle is ideal for stashing with your makeup or inside a purse. Uncap, spritz, and sigh happily as a fine mist of rose-infused water relaxes and refreshes. At the office, on the train, caught in traffic - you’ll never have to put off moisturizing comfort again, because it’s right at your fingertips. Try Refreshed Pure and Natural Rosewater from Younique and discover why this beauty secret of ancient queens still endures today!