Moodstruck Mineral Pigments

Color brightens our world - rich, deep hues are embedded in our most precious possessions, from luxury cars to sparkling jewelry. Borrowed from tropical turquoise oceans, brilliant bonfires and even lush green forests, the hues found in Younique’s mineral pigment makeup are nothing short of extraordinary. These aren’t simply eyeshadows - they’re expressions of personal style, all bundled in a tidy, portable container that’s just waiting for the kiss of a favorite brush.

A Rainbow of Gem-Like Colors

Do you love matte finishes, or do you prefer a little sparkle? With Younique, you won’t need to choose - you can have the best of both worlds with affordable mineral pigment cosmetics from the Moodstruck collection. From shimmering iridescence to soft pastels, just a smudge of these brilliant powders is all it takes to completely transform your look. Try a soft kiss of a matte color for the office, or punch things up by trying a sparkling evening look, filled with mineral-infused beauty that’s simply made for the spotlight. Combine, contrast and build your own looks with 32 different pigments to choose from.

A Crystal Container of Fabulous

An evening’s plans can change in the blink of an eye, which is why Younique’s Moodstruck mineral pigments are presented in small crystal-like jars that are perfectly portable. Whether you’d like to keep your collection assembled on a vanity or tossed in your cosmetic bag, you’ll always be ready to try out a rich, colorful look in the blink - or the wink - of an eye. Once you’ve found your favorite pigment colors or combinations, finish your look with a coat of Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes for show-stopping eyes. Smooth, velvety and easy to apply, it’s sure to be love at first swipe when you open a jar of Moodstruck mineral pigment.