Lucrative Lip Gloss

With every smirk, smile, grin and pout, your lips broadcast your emotions and help you define your personality - don’t they deserve the best? Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss is a smooth, luxurious take on traditional lip gloss that takes a favorite party girl product and turns it into a very adult indulgence. From shimmer to sheer, the color range offered is delightfully diverse, which allows even the pickiest makeup lover to find exactly the shade they’re looking for.

Go Ahead - Stay Up Late

In addition to luscious color, Lucrative Lip Gloss is formulated to go on smooth and give you plenty to pucker up for throughout the evening. Ingredients like silky dimethicone and natural beeswax give this gloss a uniquely silky feel that moisturizes your lips as it gives you a kiss of color. Lipsticks and liners just aren’t up to pulling that kind of cosmetic double duty! The durable yet chic rectangular container is easy to pop in your purse, and a built-in cap wand makes application a snap.

A Rainbow of Flirty Hues

With ten - yes, ten! - different colors to select from, you’ll want to collect the whole set. From classic hues like Luxe’s peachy nude to the hot-date-ready shimmering pink of Lavish, there’s plenty to love in Younique’s lip gloss range. Want to try a gloss along with your favorite lipstick? Loyal is a clear gloss embedded with tiny sparkles for an extra twist of spotlight-ready glam. No matter which color you choose, you’ll be delighted by the smooth feel and coverage of this high quality lip gloss from your very first application. Toss the chapstick and upgrade to the deluxe experience - you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

If you’re tired of “blah” colors and sticky, smeary lip products, it’s time to give them the kiss off - Lucrative Lip Gloss is here to save the day!