Brilliant Moisturizing Gel

Moisturizing the skin - and keeping it that way -  is a more complex task than even skilled makeup fans often realize. A premium face cream product has to not only move moisture under the skin’s surface, but lock it in and keep it there throughout a busy day. Younique Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel is a bombshell of a secret weapon in the fight against dryness, mixing powerful natural ingredients with an innovative two-part gel cream that goes on smoothly and quickly melts into a lightweight, non-greasy finish.

Amplify Your Natural Radiance

There’s a fine line between skin looking fresh and rejuvenated versus wet or oily. Younique’s blend of moisturizers team up with real freshwater pearl essence and natural silver to keep you looking radiant throughout the day - not tired. Ginseng extract also helps revitalize the skin and pull the product’s moisture deep into the pores where its needed most - not floating on top of the skin like some other facial moisturizers.

Just a Pinch Is All You Need

You’ll love the feel of Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel on your fingertips - the clear ultra-hydrating gel and creamy, silky lotion pearls blending together as you apply it. There’s never a “heavy” feel, and this facial moisturizing cream has been specially formulated to work well beneath other Younique products, such as BB Flawless Complexion Cream and Mineral Pigment Powders. When you wash away your makeup at the end of the day, the important hydrating ingredients are already right where they belong - working hard beneath the surface of the skin.

Year Round Comfort

Weathering sunburn in the summer and chilly temperatures in the winter can be hard on your skin, drying it out and even causing it to flake and peel. Use Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel from Younique throughout the year to keep red, blotchy skin at bay and enjoy a smooth, flawless look with or without makeup.