Origami Owl Plates

A message does not always have to be in complete sentences or phrases; sometimes, one word is enough to describe that special feeling you have for someone, what you want in life, and yes, even what describes who you are as a person. Origami Owl proves exactly this by providing one-word messages engraved on metal plates that you can add to your Living Locket. Featuring 17 different words engraved on rose gold, gold, or silver plates, these simple add-ons can help you tell your story or express what you feel. Whether you are a mother, a sister, or a grandmother or you want to remember these important people in your life, you can find a plate with the word that best shows what you feel. Show someone you love them by giving them a Living locket with a plate that says “Always” or “Love”, remind people special to you that they can achieve anything by adding a plate that says “Faith”, “Believe”, or “Dream”. Whatever message you want to deliver with your living locket, you can find a metal plate that would help you get that message across.

Choose from small, medium, or large metal plate sizes to match your locket’s size. These plates are beautifully engraved with simple but inspiring words that can touch people. Each plate also showcases Origami Owl’s special logo. Make your living locket extra special by adding a plate engraved with a word that means a lot to you or to the person you are giving it to and it will certainly be one of the most memorable accessories you or that person will ever own. Origami Owl certainly proves that love or appreciation does not have to be shown through grand or elaborate gestures; sometimes, all you need is one simple word.