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Origami Owl may still be at its prelaunch stage but it doesn’t make the company’s new business opportunity any less appealing to aspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, Origami Owl may just be the perfect company to join for those who are looking for ground floor opportunities in direct sales. If you are passionate about jewelry and charms, Origami Owl presents an opportunity that is too attractive to resist. This is your chance to showcase your enterprising skills while selling products that you would surely love and enjoy.

How to Become an Origami Owl Independent Designer

Origami Owl first introduced their direct sales business opportunity in November 2011 to a limited number of independent designers. Now, the company is open to more designers to join their sales force. With the company’s national launch just around the corner, interested sales representatives can start signing up as independent designers by filling out the sign up form and choosing a starter kit option. Signing up early will be a huge advantage for independent designers because they will be included in the priority list once Origami Owl launches nationally. You can also sign up with an existing origami owl designer so that she can guide you through the process and help you pick out a starter kit that would best suit your business needs. Joining a company that is still in its prelaunch stages can give you a big advantage, as you can get a head start in establishing the brand and your business.

Origami Owl Starter Kits

Origami Owl offers four different starter kit packages for new designers. This will give you a chance to choose a package that would suit the initial needs of your business and as well as your initial budget. If you are interested in their business opportunity, you have to purchase a starter kit to help you jumpstart and launch your business.

The Basic Business Package

This starter kit package is a great option for those who want to test out the products first. It comes equipped with over $400 worth of supplies, which is inclusive of 36 charms, 4 lockets, and a jewelry kit. New designers can purchase this kit for only $199. It also comes with all the basic supplies you’ll need to launch your business.

10-Person Party Package

The 10-person party starter kit is perfect for those who want supplies for up to 2 parties. This kit comes with over $900 worth of supplies, which includes 108 charms, 10 lockets, and a jewelry kit. It also comes with business tools to help you run your business. You can purchase this kit for $399.

20-Person Party Package

The 20-person party package comes with a total of 180 charms and 20 lockets. It also comes with a jewelry kit and business supplies. This kit offers a total retail value of $1800 but is offered to new designers for only $799.

Business Blast Off Package

New designers who want to speed up their Origami Owl venture’s success can go all-out and purchase the Business Blast Off starter kit package for $2599. With a total value of $6000, this kit comes with 558 charms, 90 lockets, additional jewelry supplies, and more business tools to help you ensure your business’ success.

Big or small, you can start your Origami Owl business in any way you want. Just choose the appropriate starter kit for your needs and you’re all set. All these packages also come equipped with 1-month free use of your independent designer e-commerce website. This will enable you to feature your products online and sell them via the Internet. You also get a back-office along with your website where you can check on your profits, inventory, orders, and status of shipping.

How Much Will You Earn as an Origami Owl Designer?

Origami Owl offers two types of retail commission rates: one for charms and another for other types of jewelry. For each time you sell charms, you get 50% personal sales commissions and for selling other types of origami owl jewelry offered by the company, you earn 30% sales commissions. This is one of the highest rates in the industry and since there are two rates for sales commissions, you get the most profit potential out of your venture. You can also host new independent designers into your team. If you choose to do so, you can earn commissions on your downline’s commissionable sales and increase your chances of being promoted to higher leadership levels. Since Origami Owl is primarily a party-plan company, independent designers have the option to keep their commissions right after every party, giving them instant profit right then and there. For online sales, a check of your commissions will be sent to you.

One of the best times to join a direct sales company is during its prelaunch stages, as you can watch your business grow as the company becomes bigger. With great products and a very competitive compensation plan, Origami Owl is certainly a great company to consider for anyone who wants to get into direct sales.

Origami Owl FAQ

It's easy to fall in love with Origami Owl. Not only because they feature an amazing product line but also because they are a company that believes in everyone's capability to succeed. If you want to start earning your own money or you want to spend more time with your family but still earn enough to supplement your existing income, then joining Origami Owl is certainly a good idea. If you believe in their products and you personally enjoy them, then you have more reasons to want to join!
If you want to join this exciting business opportunity, all you have to do is contact an independent designer. You will need a mentor to help you get started so you have to join by signing up with an existing designer. Once you have signed up, you're ready to start selling the Origami Owl jewelry line! Becoming an Origami Owl Designer is easy and simple and you'll get all the help you'll need!