Some Super Useful Ways to Use doTERRA

Super Happy Doterra Family

Are you wondering where to start with doTERRA essential oils? There are so many wonderful uses, and here are just a few to get us started. All of these topics are written about on my website,

doTERRA for Anxious Feelings

Are you or someone you know struggling with anxious feelings? This is so common in this day and age! Oils are great for calming and centering us. Some of the best oils for anxious feelings are listed below.

Lavender: It’s calming and generally lowers anxious feelings.Bergamot: It reduces cortisol response and helps mood.Copaiba: It uplifts mood, can ease a troubled mind, and help calm stress and anxiety.doTERRA’s Balance blend: It is grounding and calms anxious feelings. (This one is NOT INGESTIBLE.)Citrus oils like lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, and green mandarin: These promote a cheerful and positive attitude.Frankincense: It is calming, tranquil, grounding, and helps you connect in meditation and prayer.

Help Prevent a Cold Tips

There are a few things my family and I do to help prevent a cold. Here are my top 2 tips!

We use On Guard essential oil on the bottoms of our feet daily. I blend 6-8 drops of this oil with jojoba oil in a 10mL bottle. Then we rub this blend onto the bottoms of our feet every morning, then put socks on over it. (Your feet don’t have sebaceous glands in them so the oils have better penetration into your skin.)

This one is also really helpful… If you are starting to get a scratchy throat, put 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear for three minutes. Do this as soon as you feel like you may be coming down with something 2-3 times a day. It works great when used with the above tricks. One of my daughters kicks and screams when I try to do this for her, and she suffers with more colds because she truly won’t let me do it anymore. The other 3 of us use the peroxide and have had a much better success rate!

doTERRA for Help Sleeping

Lavender and bergamot, in essential oil form, are a couple of good insomnia remedies. These natural remedies for insomnia can be used a few different ways. You can put a couple of drops on a tissue and place it between your pillowcase and pillow. The aroma can help you sleep better. You can also diffuse a few drops of it in water if you have an essential oil diffuser.

But the way I use it is by putting lavender essential oil on the bottoms of my feet which is also nice.

doTERRA for Dogs

doTERRA essential oils can also be used for our pets. Dogs are often known as man’s best friend for their loyalty and companionship. And naturally (since they’re our best friend and all), we want to love and spoil them like a friend. Also, they have a better immune system than cats so essential oils and dogs are a better mix as they can have a wider variety of essential oils.

Some Essential Oils Safe for Dogs:

RosemaryOn GuardLavenderFrankincenseTerraShieldBreatheDigestZen

Some Essential Oils Toxic for Dogs:

PeppermintPineTea TreeCinnamonThymeCloveGarlicBirchWintergreen

See You Soon!

I hope the above have given you some good ideas of where to start using essential oils if you are unsure of what to do with them. Please message me with questions or visit my website for more information!