Pampered Chef Heritage Month

Pampered Chef New Consultant

New Consultant Offer for our Heritage Month in celebration of 39 years in business!

Our heritage is bigger than any one story—it’s all of our stories together, the impact we’ve made, and lives we’ve changed.

All You Need Is a Kit & a Dream!

In October 1980, Doris Christopher had her first in-person party. Her friend, Ruth, invited people over to her house where Doris made simple yet satisfying meals with products that would shape how people prepared food for their families. And the rest is history!

Thirty-nine years later we continue to honor Doris’s legacy by bringing people together with delicious recipes,time saving tools,and an amazing opportunity to enrich lives,one meal and one memory at a time.

New consultants can start a business for as little as $39!

Pampered Chef started with a dream. And whether it’s making some extra money for the holidays or having a more flexible schedule for their families, we want to help others achieve their dreams, too! In October, new consultants can get any new consultant kit at a special anniversary price. All you have to do is sign up in October and choose between our three amazing kits.

Starter Kit - $400+ value for $99 Only $39!

Deluxe Kit - $700+ value for $159 Only $99!

Ultimate Kit - $1,100+ value for $259 Only $199!