New Scentsy Go! Cordless Warmer Released

Scentsy Go System

New Scentsy Go! Cordless Fragrance System Released

Life can be hectic, but Scentsy Go gives you a breath of fresh air - quite literally - anywhere you’d like to go. Relax and unwind with two levels of your favorite scents, create your own aromatherapeutic experience by mixing and matching special scent pods, and enjoy Scentsy anytime - no plugs required. Portable, customizable, lighted, and attractive, this go-anywhere fragrance solution is ideal for adding a little Scentsy goodness to your busy schedule.

What is Scentsy Go?

Scentsy Go is an innovative new product from home fragrance brand Scentsy. Unlike their famous wax warmers, the Scentsy Go unit uses no heat, no melted wax, and no power plug to work: just a USB rechargeable fan and smart, fragrance bead-filled pods. It’s made to take on the go, scenting your car, office, and even your home whenever you’d like, quickly and conveniently.

What Makes Scentsy Go Special?

A Lifetime Warranty and the Scentsy Go base unit is available in two eye-catching finishes, silver and rose gold, and uses a simple design to blend in with your favorite decor. A gentle tap of the buttons on the front brings the unit to life, letting you select from a rainbow of seven different LED glow colors and turning on the quiet internal fan to gently disperse your fragrance of choice. Scentsy Go pods can be used alone or in pairs, and utilize fragrance-infused beads that deliver up to 120 hours of scent for a stress-free Scentsy experience.