National Microwave Oven Day - 12/6/17

National Microwave Oven Day

Most of us live in a fast-paced world working a full-time job, running our kids and grandkids from band practice, choir, ballet, gymnastics,, basketball and football games just to name a few. On top of that, we have a lot of family and friends to visit during this wonderful Holiday season. Did you know Pampered Chef has a FULL-LINE of microwave cooking products to help make life a little easier?

Today, December 6 is National Microwave Oven Day!!! So, I want to share just a few of our great microwave tools to help those of you in a hurry, but still deliver great tasting meals, too!

Large Micro-Cooker - Item 2778

Rice Cooker Plus - Item 2779

Round Covered Baker - Item 1476

Rockcrock Dutch Oven - Item 1781

Family Size Microwave Popcorn Maker - Item 1569

Microwave Chip Maker Set - Item 1241

Egg Cooker - Item 1372

Ceramic Egg Cooker - Item 1529

Microwave Grip Set - Item 1368

While you are trying to hurry from place-to-place, meet those deadlines, remember Pampered Chef has you covered in the kitchen to make baking/cooking tools easier and quicker for you and your family.

Happy Holiday!

Susan Balinger Haston

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