Can Targeted Social Media Advertising Provide Better Leads Than Vendor Events?

Social Media

Some of the good, old fashioned networking methods aren't really cutting the mustard these days so we need to get creative...think outside the box...throw some stuff up against the wall. We can reach the entire world with the internet. Not only that, we don't even need to pay for classes like the good old days in order to learn how to do it...we have YOUTUBE. Oh my goodness. There is no excuse for not knowing how to do anything!

Google ads and Facebook ads can be a tremendous help in recruiting and selling in your direct sales business. Google is a tool that allows people who are looking for your product/opportunity to find you. They search Google, right? Just like you do when they're looking for something. You go right to Google and search it.

Facebook ads are a little different. You can use Facebook ads to find people who may be interested in your business or products based on their interests (Facebook keeps track of your interests if you didn't know that). You create the ad and then select the "interests" that you want to target. Your ad only shows up on Facebook to the people who match your targeted criteria. Then, you can do a variety of things; ask them to message you, ask them to fill out a lead form or just hope for a "like" or a comment.

Corporate direct sales people seem to always want to keep these tools "hush hush". Oh, don't tell anyone that you ADVERTISE! So if it's bad to spend $50 on a Facebook ad and collect email/phone numbers from people that saw your product/business and are interested, why isn't it bad to spend $50 on a vendor event that gets you NO leads and NO sales? Not only that, the vendor event requires a physical effort and your valuable time. Corporate direct sales companies encourage vendor events, right? I don't get it. It's free advertising for your direct sales company when you pay for the advertising!

You can get a Facebook Lead (from a lead ad) for about $1.00. So, for $50, you can get about 50, phone number, email address...anything you want. And these aren't people who just filled out your little form because they wanted your FREEBIE at the vendor event. They actually saw my ad, my pictures, probably clicked to look at my Facebook Business page and are actually INTERESTED. A much better lead.

So, my advice...learn Facebook and Google advertising. Google it. YouTube it. Study, practice and start using 21st century techniques to build your direct sales business.