Medicine Cabinet Gets A Homeopathic Makeover

Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

As a parent, I enjoy being empowered as a healer in our home knowing about this natural healthcare support, where to reference remedies, and how to use essential oils for my family and friends.

We use simple, natural aromatic compounds to assist our body systems to perform better, enhancing wellness and boosting our immune systems.

We've all seen countless examples of reduced symptoms and discomfort as we've strengthened our overall health.

Essential oils have no bad side effects and offer many positive side benefits as they are used aromatically, topically and even are safe to take internally.

Not every essential oil is safe to be used internally, but dōTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). There are multiple scientific tests run to ensure every batch is tested by an outside auditing source to make sure our oils meet these strict and pure standards to carry the CPTG stamp of approval.

I especially like how quickly these oils brought my body into homeostasis (balance) as I had a severe anxiety attack suffering from an extremely stressful time in my life. Within just three minutes of applying and smelling these oils I was noticeably calmed and fully able to function normally. It was in this moment that I knew I needed to pay closer attention to these aromatic compounds and teach others about the benefits.

We've saved so much money on our healthcare by using these natural solutions first for common seasonal discomfort, pain from injuries, and to support our immune systems. It's empowering to stay home and see if we can address life's issues naturally. Then as needed we can involve other medical care options.I mentor leaders and assist people to keep things very simple in trying and learning to use dōTERRA essential oils.

I teach complimentary classes and welcome phone calls to guide you to save money, time and discomfort as you become empowered as a healer in your own home.