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Scentsy Consultant Rachel Perez

41 Perry Street Cadiz, KY 42211 US
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    Scentsy offer so many great products!



    Scentsy Buddy's



    Household cleaning products

    Dog washes

    All Scentsy products smell amazing! Contact me today for all your Scentsy needs.

    Want to Host a party and earn free Scentsy?

    Want to get your side business started??

    Contact me at 270-350-1064 and let's make all your Scentsy dreams come true!


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    I joined Scentsy with little hope that it would be successful. I never new how many people actually LOVED Scentsy! The first month with my commission I paid my Electric Bill. That's when I realized it was truly worth it. Let's get you signed up to earn!

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    wrote 3 weeks ago

    Rachel has always answered every question in a timely manner and has never disappointed me with any of the scents.

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