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Le-Vel Thrive Promoter Michelle Jordan

1208 N. Dove Rd Grapevine, TX 76051 US
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    I started this business because Thrive changed my life. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people feel their best!

    What we offer:

    • Free Website
    • Earn $660 on your first $800 in sales
    • Earn $1320 on your first $1600 in sales
    • No sales quotas, no fees, nada
    • Free products for you with just 2 referrals
    • One on one coaching
    • Earned auto bonus at the 2nd rank
    • Time freedom

    **Text Me at 972-922-7400 for more info on new customer and promoter specials!


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    My motto is teamwork makes the dream work! When we help others achieve their dreams we will achieve our own. I would love to lock arms with you and help you accomplish your goals. You are capable of amazing things! I am 100% there for our team and we support each other day in and day out. This community is my happy place! It’s still hard to believe that this is my “job” because I am in love with what I do!

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    About Me

    I was a Mom working 60 hours a week and so exhausted I barely felt like cooking dinner for my family prior to taking Thrive. I saw a friend feeling better than ever and having success in this business so I decided to take a chance. I thought “Why not me?!” and just jumped! Now, I get to take my kids to school AND pick them up, I still help pay the bills (and then some), I can go on field trips and not worry about being away from work and spend more quality time with my family. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It just might be yours too!

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    wrote 7 months ago

    I messaged Michelle through Direct Sales Aid and she was quick to respond and answer all of my questions. She gave me $25 off my first month of Thrive and helped me get it free the second month! I also just clicked the promoter button and I can’t wait to share these products with everyone I know. This Momma got her groove back! I’m so thankful to Michelle and her amazing team. ❤️

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