Join Jeunesse

Jeunesse does not stop at providing cutting edge anti-aging skin care, youth enhancing nutritional supplementation, and a balanced system to encourage weight and fat loss while building lean muscle mass. Exceeding customer expectations leads to committed and dedicated users joining the Jeunesse Global team as Independent Distributors of these remarkable and effective products.

The anti-aging market has been building and now tops $300 billion per year. As a customer you’ve felt the pull of these products, but once you found the best the time is ripe to join with other delighted users in theJeunesse business model. The potential financial rewards of pursuing an opportunity with Jeunesse are impressive.

Six paths of financial benefit are open for the Independent Distributor:

Retail Profit

Distributors buy products at a wholesale, a considerable savings. Product purchased can then be sold at the recommended retail price to your own customers at a simple and swift 20 to 45 percent profit.

First Order Bonus For New Customers

Each time you gain a new customer you as distributor stand to gain up to a $250 bonus, dependent upon what the individual customer purchases.

Team Commissions

Once you begin building your own team, recruiting Independent Distributors to work because of and with you, you will see the benefit of finding savvy salespeople for your downline. Every sale your team makes translates into dollars and cents for you.

As Your Team Grows So Do Your Profits

As your directly enrolled distributor recruits find their own recruits you receive a 20 to 30 percent matching bonus for sales made further down the line. The support and inspiration you provide for the layers of distributors who sign up because of you and your directly enrolled recruits will pay off handsomely with minimal effort once the recruits learn from your success. Because Jeunesse is Global your down lines can be in any country.

Added Customers Equals Added Profit

When you add Preferred Customer, Wholesale Customers and Retail customers to your ledger you will begin to receive a percentage of their purchases. The more customers you attract them more significant the amount of cash determined by this percentage and when you have 10 or more preferred customers your matching team bonus above rises to that 30 percent level.

Higher Levels Means Profit Sharing And Other Benefits

Keep an eye on the bonus pool opportunities as your and your team’s successes begin to meet these requirements. Direct profit sharing and incentives such as travel to highly desireable luxury destinations are in the offing for highly effective distributors.

Jeunesse offers state of the art online tools guaranteeing the success of your online anti-aging product business. These supports are truly industry-leading, streamlining the setup of your Jeunesse distributorship.