Make it Easy to Re-Order

In a home party plan and direct sales business the main method for making money are parties where you are selling product.  Building your client files and customer base is a proven method of continual contact with your customers for resale purposes.

In the party plan, you do get a lot of one time customers because of the parties, but with given tactics of contact with your customers, you can increase your resale orders.

There are several methods of contact that you can employ with your customers such as email lists, direct mail, phone, and et cetera.  Keeping your customers in the loop with your item promotions, usage information and sales notices is one thing.  But you also want to invite sales all the time.

Inviting sales can occur by simply letting them know that you have parties open so if they want to take advantage of a good price or are running low on a favorite item, they can always place an order. Another very good method is by making sure that you product has Re-Order Stickers and Labels on each item that leaves your hands.

If you sell any type of consumable product (food, beverages, cosmetics, candles, bath & body products, etc.) it is important to place re-order stickers on the product's packaging.  When a customer runs out of the product they can easily contact you to re-order their favorite product.

This tactic is especially helpful if you are selling at an event or craft show and you don’t know the people buying your products. What about if your product is being given as a gift?  If they love it and want to buy more, your contact information is readily available.

You want to encourage re-orders at every level of the order process.  Your customer wants to know that you are available when it a reorder is needed. How many times have you been recommended to someone that had to hunt and search for your name?  Make finding your and your contact information easy for your customer and your future customers. 

Buy increasing your re-orders from your customer base; you are setting yourself up for success. Selling product is the number one method that a direct seller makes money and it I the fastest way you can make money.  Why not make it easy for your customers to order from you and find you when they need their products.   Chances are they will appreciate it and so will your bank account!