What I have Discovered In Leaving the Corporate World

Ready to go

I left the corporate world four months ago. I was worried and afraid that I had made a huge mistake. It was scary but I also knew that I needed to for my own sanity.

Here's what I discovered when I left, to a month ago, to a week ago, to today....

  • I am okay being vulnerable and it is okay to start with something new once in a while.
  • I learned that I do have a passion for something that I believe in
  • I no longer have to fake it to make it. I honestly hate that saying anyway!
  • I have a family of like minded people in my corner
  • I no longer have to make apologies for who I am
  • I have endless potential

How did I come to realize these? Well, a month ago, I joined Cove Creek. Three weeks ago I became a Team Leader with five new team members. A week ago I went from $150 in sales to over 1K in sales. A day ago I went from 5 personal recruits to a level 2 downline. So, I realize that instantly I need to get my own business together and kick it into serious mode to be a mentor and team leader.

Being a team leader and mentor takes hard work and a drive to be successful yourself so that you are walking the walk and talking the talk. People will be drawn to you if you are naturally enthusiastic about what you do. You know, most people want to be around someone that is positive, high energy and can help you be successful right?

I bet you were like me, you have had some pretty bad experiences with bosses and leaders that just cared about the bottom line. I left the corporate world recently because I just felt like a number to them. I would work my tail off only to see my co-workers who did half the work get promoted past me. I had seniority, I created process that helped the team and I did all of my co-workers work as well. I did not get rewarded for any of it!

i had enough. I blame myself for allowing others around me change my mood and my motivation but I look back and believe that if I had a caring, fair and a leader/boss that was more of a mentor then a 'friend', then perhaps I could have stayed and actually felt fulfilled somehow.

In the long run though, I am glad I left. It made room for the opportunity I am in now. I get to have fun, make my own hours, be a boss lady and feel accomplished.

Cove Creek not only gave that to me, it gave me so much more! As a team leader and mentor I feel like I can finally breathe, spread my wings and fly!

Not to mention, helping those amazing sea turtles live out their lives as freely as it should be because every product I sell and my team sells, a percentage is donated to help those beautiful creatures!

So I look at those turtles who return to the same spot their were born to continue the cycle of life. They look out into the world and see an endless sea full of potential. I want that for my team. And I hope that in giving more of myself and mentoring those around me to see the potential in themselves, I can be a better person in the long run.

You see, unlike my old boss, I want others around me to be more successful and realize they have limitless possibilities. Because in the end, their success is my success.

Join me if you will on my journey. You will not regret it! I promise! And know this, I am here for you every step of the way, encouraging you to ride the waves and get out into the wide sea of opportunity.

~ Jenny, Mentor & Founding Consultant, Cove Creek

Message me today if you'd like to know more about the Cove Creek Opportunity. You can also visit my website at www.oceansoulnaturals.com