How to Rock A Direct Sales Jewelry Business

Initial Outfitters Jewelry Display

A jewelry business is already so much fun all on its own! It’s sparkly and hits all our “feel-good receptors” just by looking at it! Kind of like the shiny pack of M&Ms, perched at the grocery store check-out stand, that suddenly reminds us of our childhood. But when you move passed the sparkle and shine of a direct sales jewelry business you’ll still find a business that needs the right guidance.

Here Are Three Ways to Rock Your Jewelry Business:

Your Customer Always Comes First

With all the training about personal branding and team building, we are now finding that the customer (the one who buys the product)is being overlooked. An easy fix is to target your market and then serve your prospects as your personal community. Make your marketing messages fun, relatable, and about solutions for gifting or personal shopping needs.

Dazzle ‘Em with Your Own Content

It’s okay to share your company’s content from time to time, but to really rock your jewelry business you are going to need your own voicein the marketing messages. Be inspired by other posts, but do not copy or repost. Instead, take a few extra minutes to recreate a message in your own words. Facebook, Pinterest, and Google LOVE original content! They will reward you for your extra effort byshowing it to more people.

Constant and Steady Wins Every Time

Your prospects use your social media accounts to gauge your professionalism. This is how they get to know you and your products. So,make sure your “About Me” page is warm, welcoming, and informative. Show prospects that you are serious about your direct sales jewelry business by being consistent and relevant with your online marketing.

If you embrace these three suggestions along with your company’s training for your direct sales jewelry business, you will startto see an increase in prospects converting to loyal customers.