How to Find a Direct Sales Jewelry Company That Is Right for You

Initial Outfitters Jewelry Dispplay

What I love most about choosing a direct sales jewelry company is that the startup fee is so low! This low fee makes it super easy to get started, but sometimes people join so fast that they forget to make sure that the company is right fit for them or vice-versa.

The best way to find the right fit with a direct sales jewelry company is to know your own dreams and desires first, and then look for companies that match your vision.

And then do a little research on the company before you dive in. After all, this will be your awesome career.

  • Successful direct sales jewelry consultants exude a genuine enthusiasm for their products. Before joining a company, look at quality of the product versus the pricing since that will help give you the marketing confidence you’ll need to speak to prospective buyers.
  • Take a good look at the company’s policies and sales expectations to see if it is realistically doable for your budget and schedule.
  • Visit social media to see how the jewelry company markets themselves and what the sales leaders are saying about their own success.
  • Make sure that you vibe well with your potential upline and that she or he can answer your questions accurately.
  • Request printed information regarding startup expectations and career compensation to see if the direct sales jewelry company’s goals align with your own.
  • You must love the jewelry first. Here is my rule of thumb: If YOU want to buy 75 percent of what is in the jewelry catalog, then you have found the right style of jewelry to sell others.

Direct sales jewelry is an industry where you can build a flexible, yet lucrative career. But do your homework first; find a companythat brings you joy, and then you will have a lot of fun building a satisfying jewelry sales career for yourself.