Best Time to Join a Direct Sales Jewelry Company

Initial Outfitters Jewelry Display Kit

Do you know when it is a good time to join a direct sales jewelry company? Anytime! Because the process is usually done online, you can join any time, day or night. After joining, you can then start marketing and selling jewelry immediately through your replicated consultant site while you are waiting for your business kit to arrive.

But when is the best time to join? This answer takes a little bit more thought because there may be other important conditions to consider.

We all know that joining a direct sales jewelry company does not stop at opening the startup kit. So, the first question to ask yourself is if you are ready for what comes next. Your business startup budget should include printed marketing material, the monthly website/newsletter fee, and maybe some added business supplies, like jewelry cleaning cloths or business cards.

Another consideration is the jewelry company’s Super Start Program. This is where you are rewarded in bonus cash, jewelry, and gifts for a set volume of sales within a short amount of time after joining. Depending on when you start, you could sell quite a bit within your first 70 days. All you need is a little bit of calendar planning on your part to figure out the best time for you to go for it.

Selling jewelry has its highs and lows, as do you. Before you join a direct sales jewelry company you should have a good plan on how to add your new business into your weekly schedule. You’ll have sales training, home parties, and social media marketing to balance on your calendar. It’s not a lot to do, but it may be more than you usually do, so avoid join during busy times in your personal life. Major life events, surgeries, or planned vacations can slow the business startup process to a crawl which could cause some frustration. Make room for your new business first and then join.

There will never be a perfect time to join a direct sales jewelry company because there will ALWAYS be something going on in your life. My recommendation is to plan to join with the intent of succeeding in your new business. If you already have an idea of how you want to market your business and who you are going to market to, then this is the very best time to join.