Acti-Labs Launches VIP Customer Program

Acti VIP

Acti-Labs is launching its New VIP Customer Program. Customers will get 10% off their first order and receive special email offers throughout the year. It's free to join with with no commitments. Acti Labs VIP benefits include:

⭐️ Free Vouchers

⭐️ Discounts & Incentives

⭐️ 24-7 Personal Product Specialist

⭐ Free Personal Shopper

Acti-Labs will also be updating their website in September to offer a more interactive shopping experience for the customer. With access to 24-7 support, customers will be able to make sure they are getting the best products to fit their needs.

Acti-Labs second manufacturing laboratory will be opening very soon. The new lab will be ran on a Solar Energy System. This system is not only Eco Friendly but it is also cost efficient, which is great for our prices.

New products are being added from this week and throughout the year. Find an Acti-Labs Ambassador on Direct Sales Aid and consider joining Acti-Labs' VIP customer program!