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Traveling Vineyard Consultant Jody Dvorak

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    Traveling Vineyard creates and bottles an exclusive line of award-winning wines. We have a quality product. Our fantastic wines, coupled with a direct selling model is a win-win combination! By making tastings less stuffy, we hope more people will get the chance to see the possibilities in every bottle. Wine Guides are committed to bringing joy through a relaxed home experience that educates and demystifies wine. By sharing our love and passion for wine, we seek to build friendships and great memories along the way. Together we’ll sip, savor and change the way the world sees, tastes and shops for wine.

    Not only do tastings give people a chance to sample the product before they purchase, wine is a great industry to be in. Wine is trendy! And since it's consumable, repeat customers and hosts are plentiful! Here are some important things to know:

    Our startup fee is only $179.99. Your success kit includes $150 worth of wine (ten bottles!) fab accessories and marketing materials!

    You'll also get a full-access pass to our complete training modules and all the support you need from other wine guides and our friendly cheerleaders at headquarters

    There's no inventory to keep on hand, and samples are free with qualifying event orders.

    Wine is a great business. Jump on in, the wine is fine!



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    When you become a wine guide, you will have a fantastic opportunity in your hands! Wine is trendy, rapidly consumable, and in the case of Traveling Vineyard -- YUMMY! With fewer than 5000 wine guides in the U.S., the market is nowhere near saturated. You choose your schedule, whether it's one wine tasting a month for some fun money and a night out with wine, or several a month to build a wine empire! It really is up to you! Browse around my website, and see if this is the side gig of your dreams too!

    You can become a wine guide for as little as $99. If you'd like to do FREE in-home wine tastings, earn a better personal discount, and start having some real fun, check out my website for more info.

    I have an informative video to watch at your leisure that gives you a look at Traveling Vineyard. Check it out!

    Shoot me a text or give me a call to find out more. I'm low pressure...heck, I drink wine and eat snacks for a living!

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    I wasn't looking for a business when I went to my first Traveling Vineyard wine tasting. But when I learned that I can bring free wine to my friends' homes, teach them a little about wine while we have a lot of laughs, I had to give it a try. I'm glad I did, because I have achieved far more than any direct sales company I've tried. I've earned trips to Jamaica, Riviera Cancun, Costa Rica and Los Cabos, Mexico. I've built a big team and have made good money and great friends...much more than I ever dared dream about! All because of wine. And all because I decided that taking a $179 chance on myself was a good bet. For a low pressure conversation about how to talk with a wine glass in your hand, shoot me a text. (319) 325-5403 CHEERS!

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    wrote 3 months ago

    Jody is an amazing wine guide and always goes above and beyond in helping her customers. I have become a big fan of Traveling Vineyard wines!

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