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550 North Rock Road Wichita, KS 67206 US
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    My name is Jennifer Acker, and I started Obsessorize because I have, well, an obsession with accessories! My obsession for accessories started YEARS ago! I have always had a passion for the EXTRAS! How many purses, or necklaces, or pairs of shoes is too many? Who cares! I have been purchasing Paparazzi jewelry for a while now, and I love that I am able to take a look to the next level, AFFORDABLY! This jewelry makes my heart happy, and I want to share it with everyone! And at only $5, why not?! I love helping others find the perfect necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more to complete any outfit. You can shop on my facebook lives, facebook page, home parties, personal shopping appointments, or my website! I have also built an amazing team with Paparazzi! The relationships I have formed because of this company are incredible and to think it all started with an obsession for the jewelry blows my mind! I initially purchased the kit, so I could get the jewelry for myself at a discounted rate, but quickly realized there was some serious earning potential and I haven't looked back!


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    I have a strong background in sales and have led nationwide sales teams to Top awards! I have a passion for helping people! I want to help you succeed and I feel like a lot of succeeding in this industry has to do with your mentors! I do free training! Offer monthly competitions and awards! Plus, I am flat out FUN! :) trust me!!!!!! Let's do this!

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    I have always been in sales and have always felt like my true worth was never known or valued with big Corporate companies! I purchased Paparazzi accessories for 1 year before I finally joined! I have an 11 year old daughter who keeps me extremely busy with her schedule! She plays softball and puts in on average 15-20 hours per week practicing! I am a big family person! I just recently became an aunt and it is amazing! I love shopping! I enjoy the casino!

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    wrote 9 months ago

    Jennifer has a tremendous eye for fashion and a bubbly, infectious personality. She's so much fun to watch in her lives and makes you feel confident in your jewelry selections. She puts together the cutest combinations and makes everyone feel so comfortable!

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    wrote 9 months ago

    Jennifer is amazing. She goes above and beyond just selling jewelry - she is truly my fashion consultant! Highly recommend!

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